You cannot fight me with your 'US$200 life savings' - Kevin Taylor mocks Sheldon

Social commentator, Kevin Taylor and YouTuber, Kwadwo Sheldon

Thu, 18 Nov 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Kwadwo Sheldon has vowed to get Kevin Taylor arrested

Sheldon, Kevin Taylor throw shots at each other

Kevin mocks Sheldon, says YouTuber is broke

US-based broadcaster Kevin Taylor has taunted Kwadwo Sheldon for asseverating that he was ready to send him [Taylor] to jail even if he has to use his entire life savings.

A few days ago, Kwadwo Sheldon vowed to get Kevin Taylor arrested over a threat against his life.

It would be recalled that Sheldon shared screenshots of his private conversation with a controversial cyberbully, Journalist Albert where the latter requested of the former to employ him. It later emerged that one of the reasons Albert was dismissed by GHBase was the interaction he had had with Sheldon.

Consequently, Kevin Taylor called Sheldon out for fueling the young man's dismissal. Sheldon who was unhappy about Kevin Taylor's comments vowed to ensure the latter rots in jail.

Reacting to the YouTuber's promise to get him arrested, Kevin made a mockery of Sheldon. He asserted that Sheldon is broke and can only boast of some US$200 he earns from his content on YouTube.

Amid some unprinted words against the YouTuber, Kevin said: "You know I don't do blogging stories but there is a guy called Kwadwo Sheldon who says he will use his life savings to drag me to jail. I beg I am called Kevin, not Kelvin, I keep reminding you of this. How can you use your 'soakings' savings to drag me to court? Do you even have life savings?

"You've heard people use the term so you want to tag along, do you even know what a life saving is? Is it the $200 you gain from YouTube? You deserve some lashes."

He furthered: "Have you checked the size of your head? What can you do? Do you even have life savings?... how much are you worth? Tell Ghanaians how much you're worth."


Source: www.ghanaweb.com