You need haters to make you grow - Wode Maya

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Mon, 13 Sep 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

• Vlogger, Wode Maya, has advised that individuals build their career on negative comments

• According to him, everybody needs haters

• He has disclosed the challenges he faced when he started Volgging

One of Ghana's biggest Vloggers, Wode Maya, has admonished persons not to give up on their dreams when ridiculed or mocked for what they do.

According to him, everyone needs haters as their negative comments are capable of driving one towards the relaxation of their full potential.

Speaking in an interview on Talkertainment with host, Elsie Lamar, Wode Maya disclosed that his friends back in the University made fun of him when he started Vlogging on YouTube.

Most of these harsh comments were on the fact that "my face doesn't look good on camera" others added that he didn't look "hot on camera."

"I will say I built a brand based on negativity. I always tell people to use negativity that comes from people as your source of motivation. If you are doing anything and you don't have people hitting on what you are doing then it means you are doing the wrong thing," he said

He furthered that the negative comments changed his life as he is cashing out on his videos on YouTube. Wode Maya continues to receive several views on the online video sharing platform.

"If you are doing something and you don’t have haters, go to the nearby shopping mall ask them if there is any counter they sell haters. Go and buy them because you need haters to make you grow. When I started my YouTube journey, I became a laughing subject in class... but right now, I think most of them are so proud of me that I didn't take those comments seriously. I took them seriously but I used them to improve on what I do," said Wode Maya.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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