You’re shallow-minded, immature – Prince Tsegah berates Tinny

Prince Tsegah Don Prince Tsegah is a broadcaster

Fri, 26 Aug 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Barely hours after Prince Tsegah of Hitz FM and Tinny smoked the peace pipe through an apology from both parties, the broadcaster has slammed the musician for what he described as immature behaviour exhibited during his interview on the channel, Thursday.

Tinny, who tagged Tsegah, Merqury Quaye and Stonebwoy as a “bunch of idiots” for discussing his alleged debt on radio, insisted during the interview that his colleague Stonebwoy erred for paying off the GH¢2,000 debt he supposedly owed a show promoter without his consent.

“I am 100% right to say that. I will be a fool to pay someone’s money without their knowledge. What shows the person is in trouble? Was I there? have I heard anything from them?” Tinny asked on the morning show, Daybreak Hitz.

Vociferous Tsegah who was in the studio during the interview, contrary to public expectations, was calm as he tried to explain why the station broadcast the issue and why Stonebwoy should not be blamed. After the exchange, they apologized to each other but Tsegah on his evening show ‘You Say Wetin’, where the debt issue was first broadcast, slammed Tinny while explaining his [Tsegah] posture during the morning show.

According to him, he needed to be strategic as a Programmes Manager instead of muddying the reputation of the brand he represents considering how heated the environment was. As monitored by GhanaWeb, Tsegah, popularly known as ‘The Don’ chastised Tinny for failing to speak to the allegations and instead spewing insults to cover his shame.

“He’s not mature. I asked him to apologise because he was destroying his career,” Tsegah said. “You didn’t say what we said was wrong, you’re taking us to court, we need to apologise to you for smearing your personality with lots of defamatory statements. You didn’t do any of these. You decided to stay off the matter and rather go on the insulting tangent.”

“He was getting a bit vulgar, very rude in that I’d feel embarrassed to be exchanging words with Tinny. Immediately after he started, I had a very low impression of him. All you do is to insult. Insults are for very shallow minds,” Tsegah rebuked.


Source: www.ghanaweb.com