‘You slept with a certain pastor’s wife in exchange for a house’ – Afia attacks Ayisha Modi again

AYISHA AND AFIA2.png Afia Schwarzenegger and Ayisha Modi have engaged in series of bouts on social media lately

Wed, 21 Jul 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Afia Schwarzenegger has accused Ayisha Modi of sleeping with married women for money

• She said Ayisha Modi’s expensive lifestyle is funded by the wife of a popular pastor

Afia Schwarzenegger and Ayisha Modi have been at each other’s throats

Tensions are high between Afia Schwarzenegger and Ayisha Modi as the two have been captured in series of verbal attacks against each other on social media.

In what seems like the battle of insults and revelation of secrets, Afia has launched another ‘missile’, and this time around she is alleging that Ayisha is having an affair with the wife of a popular pastor.

Whilst accusing Ayisha of making money from sleeping with married women, Afia also claimed that her 5-bedroom house located at East Legon was rented by a pastor’s wife.

Failing to disclose the identity of the woman in question, Afia Schwarzenegger stated in a live instagram video on July 20, 2021 that;

“I don’t finger anybody’s wife for money, I live in my own house. I don’t sleep with people’s wives to make ends meet. Show us how you got your house located behind Cahaya lounge at East Legon. Show us the tenancy agreement. You are having an affair with a certain pastor’s wife and she rented that apartment for you.”

Responding to the allegations, Ayisha Modi on the other hand recounted an instance where Afia Schwarzenegger once tried to rape her.

Ayisha disclosed that after series of failed attempts by Afia to lure her into lesbianism, she stormed her house sometime at dawn to rape her.

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