Youth must desist from impressing strangers on social media - Dr. King Uchiha Winter advises

Richard Osei Agyemang.jpeg Youth advocate and social media influencer, Richard Osei Agyemang

Thu, 17 Mar 2022 Source: Richard Agyemang, Contributor

Youth advocate and social media influencer, Richard Osei Agyemang is also known as ‘Dr. King Uchiha Winter’ has advised Ghanaian youth and the public to learn from the experiences of life’s twists and stop living a social media façade.

According to him, young persons on social media must “stop impressing strangers you know online.”

In a tweet posted, the content creator opined that although a person could wish to converse with a stranger online for a range of reasons, there must be circumspect with the kind of information they put out.

“Most of us, especially those who grew up with the internet or began using it frequently to communicate with others, have online buddies or people we meet online, and one way or the other we try to impress them.”

“Many people come online and post pictures or videos of what’s going on in their fake lives to impress viewers.”

“People who wish to commit identity theft and financial fraud use the internet as a playground. They may easily impersonate old friends, celebrities, beautiful ladies looking for a partner or just a person in need,” he advised.

He continued, “there’s no way of knowing if the person on the other end of the text chat is being truthful, no matter how sincere he or she appears to be. So, it's best to keep to oneself to the standard where he or she is at, instead of trying to impress anyone online. The youth must desist from it.”

Source: Richard Agyemang, Contributor