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Zongo Abongo features Wanluv the Kubolor on 'Stay true to yourself'

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Fri, 20 Aug 2021 Source: Fredrick Kofi Dro, Contributor

Ghanaian musician Zongo Abongo also known as Malaika, has called on all to stay true to themselves by doing what makes them happy and staying original.

On this song produced by Zongo Beats and mixed by Zapp Mallet, the singer featured controversial musician Wanluv the Kubolor to preach originality.

Zongo Abongo is a very popular artiste from Ghana based in Accra. He is also known by his birth name Fatawu Wunbei Ibrahim. He specializes in contemporary music

Zongo Abongo is well known for his versatility in the fusion of his local Dagbani dialect, Pidgen, Twi, English, and Hausa on traditional beats, Afrobeats, and the likes of Francophone beats.

True to Yourself official video, which features both Zongo Abongo and Wanluv the Kubolor, showcases the beautiful hoods where most people tend to follow others but the two musicians portrayed their originality.

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Source: Fredrick Kofi Dro, Contributor