Celestine Donkor robbed

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Comment: Talk about 5G internet, not Okada

The Mask
2020-10-20 11:07:58
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Celestine Donkor robbed

Is Okada the latest invention in the developed world which we lack? How Okada became such a big issue in an election such as ours has been a total enigma to me. Politicians must focus on more important issues than the legalization of Okada. I don't know if Okada can float on water after a downpour? Politicians should be talking about things such as 5G internet. That is what everyone is talking about. We don't have a single 5G provider. If we don't make provision for 5G, we will fall behind, because believe me, all new software and devices being manufactured have been designed to harness 5G technology which allows users to download 500GB harddrive or file in less than 7 minutes.

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peeeeeee on Oct 20, 2020 14:47
The Mask on Oct 20, 2020 11:07
Talk about 5G internet, not Okada