Don’t allow any internet harasser to force you to marry – Stacy Amoateng to Gloria Sarfo

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Comment: God for everything

2020-11-24 12:52:54
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Don’t allow any internet harasser to force you t

Ebei, Ghanaians, marriage too God should come do for you? Why? Next thing he should get toilet roll and come wipe your behinds for you?

Do something for yourselves for a change. Doreen Andoh waited for God aaaah until she realised God had better things to do with his time and she decided to have a child out of wedlock or keep waiting until she became barren.

Ghanaians should stop behaving as if they are the only people God created. There are almost 8 billion out there and God gave each one brains. Use yours or lose them.

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Aa on Nov 21, 2020 14:14
Zillion on Nov 24, 2020 12:52
God for everything