A.B Crentsil ‘disowns’ the vulgar lyrics of his own hit song ‘Moses’

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Comment: I have been praying for you, Sir!

Campus Ministry Report!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2021-07-04 02:55:21
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A.B Crentsil ‘disowns’ the vulgar lyrics of hi

The way to go about your repentance or regret about it is to announce that all recordings or CDs or what ever media platforms, so far as this particular so is concerned, wherever they may be, all be destroyed.

And that you pray that you would not be responsible for individual or groups or media stations who may be in possession of any of such recordings, and that you cannot be held responsible, for that matter after you make such a public denunciation.

Sir, I have always prayed in my heart that you make this turn around in your life concerning the song, and make a public declaration concerning such a move, so that heaven and earth would bear record of your testimony for Mercy and Truth go before God and Righteousness and Justice are the very foundations of the Throne of God.

I would plead that you do that as early as possible, now that there is life in you.

May the Holy One of Israel watch over you and your family, and the blood of Jesus speak on your behalf even as you draw closer to HIM more and more.

May kindhearted men of God who are close to you help him in prayers, even as you regret and make a public denunciation concerning the song, and a few others which unknowing to you might be offensive to the Lord.

Stay blessed!

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Campus Ministry Report!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on Jul 4, 02:55
I have been praying for you, Sir!