Kwaku Bonsam to Obinim: Just apologise let's move on (Video)

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Comment: Jesus is Lord

evangelist akwasi awuah
2014-12-03 16:47:20
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Video: Kwaku Bonsam to Obinim just apologise let

there is nothing good that can come from the devil,besides if an old man respects him self,obviously,automatically the young ones will respect him as well,as the saying goes respect is reciprocal, besides i suspect a foul play between kwaku bonsam and obinim as i extremely doubt obinim's powers is that of Jesus Christ,cos i remember sometime back bonsam confirmed that he has a lot of pastors in Ghana whom he supplies power to ,to do their so called work of God,i strongly and vehemently believe obinim is bonsam's associates from the way bonsam is talking on this video,and if rawlings starts to respect himself by keeping his mouth shut like clinton and bush,Ghanaians will start respecting him,as for afia vandame or what ever she calls herself,she has to repent now and surrender to Jesus Christ.Amen

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evangelist akwasi awuah on Dec 3, 16:47
Asamoah Dominic on Dec 3, 18:00