Kwaku Bonsam to Obinim: Just apologise let's move on (Video)

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Comment: Obinim why?

2014-12-04 01:51:47
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Video: Kwaku Bonsam to Obinim just apologise let

Obinim is a tiger/lion/snake infant all the wild animals in a sheep coat,all his behaivours doesn't show that he is a man of God but a saint from Satan.so please if he cannot be a leader he should put the garment down so that we will all be follows,heaven is not for leaders only.and to those who are talking about jj just becareful, Co's a year to come we are coming back with his attitude and I will trace you people for that.Good people deserve good things, likewise bad people deserve bad things. those who were killed deserve it.thank u

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Asamoah Dominic on Dec 3, 18:00
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