War could happen in Ghana – ‘Beasts of No Nation’ director

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Comment: War could happen in Ghana – ‘Beasts of N

2015-10-08 13:11:29
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I just can’t express my anger properly on this platform. I'm fuming with angry emotions. The guy is a complete fool. Why will or should Ghana go to war? Against who? Or against ourselves? It will never happen - not in a million years. His war mongering America will be the one, not Ghana.
We may not be rich however we are a compassionate and peace loving people despite the banter we have amongst our tribes and peoples. We just love to play, that’s all. We are all inter-related in one way or the other and deep deep down we all know it and are aware of this fact. Even those our pre-colonial wars were just clan and tribal feuds, those were not all out blown out, bloodletting and massacre mayhem. Even in those days there was love and respect between distant tribes.
How much more would we go to war in this post/modern age when all Ghana is seemingly one. The guy is nuts. We love our Ewe women, Dagomba women, Frafra women, Asante and Fante "mmesias", Ga ladies, Krobo girls, Bono sweethearts, Akuapem sisters and all the others we have. We cannot just destroy our cities and towns and struggle to build them again. We won’t destroy our Accra-Ghana, the best city on earth no matter what others may think or say, to us it is just the best, our cool Oseikrom-Kumasi, our Twin Secondi Takoradi, our beautiful and delightful harbour city Tema, our serene and neat Sunyani, our lovely Tamale and above all our KofTown with those beautiful dark skinned and angelic face flowers (ladies). TOFIAKWA!!

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Kwasipong on Oct 8, 13:11
War could happen in Ghana – ‘Beasts of N