War could happen in Ghana – ‘Beasts of No Nation’ director

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Comment: Re: War could happen in Ghana – ‘Beasts of No Nati

George Nutsugah
2015-10-10 07:20:27
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War could happen in Ghana – ‘Beasts of No Nati

Let us remember that Cote D'Ivoire was a very peaceful country before the war broke out there. That war was sparked by elections dispute. The 2012 elections dispute went on for 8 months. We all watched the supreme court proceedings live for 8 months. The final judgment did not reflect what went on in the supreme court. Dr Afari Djan and the EC really messed up the 2012 elections. They could not account for 500,000 so-called 'overseas' votes etc. The nation was split in the middle 51% vrs 49%. It took the grace of God to save Ghana in 2012. Now because of strange ruling of supreme court, many people have lost confidence in the supreme court and they would not send any electoral petition to the supreme court. That means people will now handle electoral disagreements the way they choose. That is very dangerous. We have to really pray for 2016 elections.

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George Nutsugah on Oct 10, 2015 07:20
Re: War could happen in Ghana – ‘Beasts of No Nati