KumasiMustRise: Sarkodie adds his voice to the campaign?

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Comment: keep your damn parrot mouth closed.

2015-12-12 08:37:23
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charlie.stop your childish propaganda talk,I also Challenge you to prove where the tribes you've made mention producing taller kids in Ashanti kingdoms.how come short people were able to overcome tall people this shows how some of you with hatred mentality with shallow minded can easily be deceived.pls let me educate you today The Great Ashantis are Hebrews they came from a town in Israel called Ashan and ti means people. I recommend some books for you to go and read(hebrews in West Africa)(from Babylon to Timbuktu).so for you to write nonsense on this platform to make it sound like you're a historian is biblically not true.now let me set the record straight to our readers here,the fake history you're trying to propagate needs to be corrected.there was one of the kings in ASHANTI kingdoms his daughter had a secret relationship with her father's cocoa farm servant who happened to be from the north and she became pregnant, so when the other Royals heard it they deceided to kill the king's daughter and the servant, but the father came to their rescue and gave his daughter to the servant,but send them away from the Ashanti kingdom in order to spare the life of his daughter. so don't come with any rubbished history.

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Aj on Dec 12, 2015 08:37
keep your damn parrot mouth closed.