13 celebrities who are campaigning for President Mahama

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Comment: Re: evil pigs

2016-08-23 11:58:46
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Evil pigs.

Don't be a fool and remember in 2008 almost all the big names in Ghana music supported Akuffo-Addo but couldn't win him the election. You can pinch yourself and laugh just remember in the end Ghanaians will be the judge. In Ghana's history post-independence, ndc have had about half of the time to rule Ghana. However I remember it was in P/NDC time that they sold almost every national asset to themselves. They introduced cash and carry in our health institutions. They introduced cost sharing in our tertiary institutions. It was in their time that dumsor started. Rawlings and ndc introduced tribal politics in Ghana as a weapon for winning elections. I also remember npp introduced the health insurance, capitation grant, free maternal care, free bus ride for school children, the nyep, the metro mass transit when the ndc had collapsed and sold to themselves OSA and STC, the npp introduced chps compounds in Ghana. As a reasonable person I don't think the ndc have anything good for Ghana. Akuffo-Addo campaigned on free shs, ndc rubbished it. In the end they are trying to copy but can't do it. Please if you read this, reason up and vote against ndc. They are wrecking Ghana.

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