Vybrant Faya died in a motor accident on the Tema motorway - Management

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Comment: May He Rest In Peace!

G. K. Berko
2016-10-25 17:05:51
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Vybrant Faya died in a motor accident on the Tema

This is a very sad news! May he rest in Peace! I wish our Road Safety guidelines are up to date, especially because of the introduction of Overheads and labyrinthal networks.

More should be done by our Transportation Ministry to stay ahead of the traffic increase. Larger Population means more congested roads and various points of human congregation around the Cities and towns. And the Ministry must constantly review each location and find the best solution to ease any congestion.

That would also mean that the Ministry has to collaborate more with the Police and other Traffic Control Units to ascertain our Road Safety Laws are more stringently adhered to.

Whenever we lose such a young person, it seems as if part of our future is stolen from us.

Long Live Ghana!!!

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G. K. Berko on Oct 25, 2016 17:05
May He Rest In Peace!