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Sherifa Gunu divorces Nigerian husband

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Comment: Ghanaians are born to be stupid

2018-09-11 17:16:24
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Sherifa Gunu divorces Nigerian husband

God forbid bad thing. Which Nigeria man in his right sense will marry a Ghana woman. Ghanaian women are the most cheap, ugly, dwarf, fat dirty , uncivilized, uneducated, useless women on earth.
How many Ghana women are living with their husbands? How many Ghana girls are single without a bastard child? Ghana is Sodorm & Gomorrah on earth. A funeral nation that a girl of 11 years old will leave her mother house to her boyfriend house for one month and her parents will not stay anything. A funeral nation that 98% of their young girls are born 1, born 2, born 3, born 4 in their parents houses. A funaral nation that women work very hard to feed their useless, stupid, ugly burnt charcoal lazy men. A funeral nation that thousands of under age female children's will travel from Northern, upper east and upper west regions to Kumasi and Accra to do Kayeye work. Under age female children's will carry heavy loads in their head's from one market to another throughout day time and sleep in streets and uncompleted buildings just to make some money to feed their lazy men at home.
A bastard nation that 98% of the citizens don't know their fathers including their bastard formal president JJ Rawlings.
Just ask any Ghanaian where is his/ her parents, he will tell you my mother is at Tamale and my father is at Kumasi, but I don't know my father, am living with my grandmother.
An evious funaral nation with stupid , senseless people that love the dead and hate the living one. A funaral nation that won trophy on Pull Him Down attitude and still remain the defending champion.
The most corrupt funeral nation that full with hypocrites and pretending cowards . Funeral nation that have mad people in each of every house.

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Aaaaaaaaa on Sep 11, 2018 19:49
Tolu on Sep 11, 2018 17:16
Ghanaians are born to be stupid