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Sherifa Gunu divorces Nigerian husband

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Comment: Re: Igbos are cheap criminals.

Tiger Bay
2018-09-11 18:43:29
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Igbos are cheap criminals.

I am a Ghanaian if you care to know,but i must let you know that you are very ignorant and backward in your world view. I have interacted intimately with the igbos for more than fourty years likewise different nationals from many african countries. You seem heavily prejudiced against the igbos,but let me assure you they are among the best educated,intelligent and most progressive ethnic group of people on the african continent. Your sweeping generalisation is rather sad. We are foolishly fighting among ourselves whilst the wicked chinese are gradually taking our continent from us. Africans, Be Wise.

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Aaaaaaaaa on Sep 11, 2018 19:49
Tiger Bay on Sep 11, 2018 18:43
Re: Igbos are cheap criminals.