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Sherifa Gunu divorces Nigerian husband

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Comment: @Tolu you forgot somethings

2018-09-12 06:32:21
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Ghanaians are born to be stupid

I once went to Kumasi for student exchange and I was shocked when I went there that up to 10 people sleeps in a single room . Mother , sister , aunt , grandmother and grand children but no father . Everybody rent a single room . I was even shocked to find out that if you want to use bathroom in the middle of the night they will take out a plastic under the bed for you to wee . Shocking ! These people are dirty and yet they have the audacity to say Nigerians are these and that . I was in Kumasi for about 2 weeks . So many of the women are almost naked walking around the compound with almost everything showing and i was just shock . Having said that , I enjoyed my time there and I met some really good people . I don’t believe that all Ghanaians hate Nigerians at all and I can almost 100% sure that almost all Nigerians like Ghanaians . Just my observations while I was in Ghana

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@Tolu you forgot somethings