Salma Mumin apologizes to fans over her nude watermelon photo

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Comment: Fully "Clothed" Nkor?

Darling Boy
2018-12-18 00:25:20
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Salma Mumin apologizes to fans over her nude water

Apology accepted. Next time, as Naija go say, "Respect Yourself". It's a good sign that people expect more decency and self discipline from you than they do from ashawobrities Shwarzneger and Mzbel. They will go berserk if this was Yvonne Okoro or Nana Ama Macbrown. in this business of show called showbusiness monkeys must play by sizes and you can take your fans for granted by being any size you want anything Leave the cheap publicity to those talentless one who only have their nakedness to sale. Keep your brand intact and it will grow slowly but surely. Ayeeko???

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Hadassah Owusu on Dec 17, 2018 14:38
Ama on Dec 17, 2018 17:49
Darling Boy on Dec 18, 2018 00:25
Fully "Clothed" Nkor?