Stop calling me Nana Aba’s baby daddy, I have a name - Osebor

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Comment: Osebor is a fool..

Truth is bitter
2020-05-13 12:28:19
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Stop calling me Nana Aba’s baby daddy, I have a

Seriously this osebor guy is not matured at all.. He has been acting like a woman..What the hell is wrong with u man..Osebor u better grow up..how can such an illiterate even date such a beautiful woman like nana aba?Tweaa sometimes women too, they make mistakes paaooo..u can clearly see that he still love Nana aba and will appologize secretly if he is given the chance..usually, it's women who behave like this after break-up..Osebor u better move on bcos the woman u talking about is no more in ur league..can't u see she is far gone ahead of u..she is making it big in life without u..why always mention her name in ur interviews? This means u still love her..it's normal my bro..i had similar experience in my life, i dated a girl back in the days and because of the good time i had with the girl, i couldn't get over her..even after our break-up i still tried all i can for things to work..but it didn't..finally i got married to a different lady..As someone who has been in ur shoes, i truely understand u, but once a woman makes up her mind and moves on, my bro, there is absolutely nothing u can do about it..u better move on with ur life and stop this ur childish behavior...any smart guy will know that u still love nana Aba but it's too late for you

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Chris on May 10, 2020 17:49
Truth is bitter on May 13, 2020 12:28
Osebor is a fool..