Bloggers’ Forum: NAM1 slams Menzgold customers, Shatta Wale confesses

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Comment: evil Narcotics Peddlers Party

2020-06-20 19:55:03
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Dumb peoples party...NDC

The wheel of justice roll slowly in Ghana, you say. Well, since you think the NDC are dumb, do remember the Deputy Arttorney General who came out and urged the disgruntled customers of Menzgold to be patient because NAM1's money was locked up in Ghana, and that once NAM1 was released from custody in Dubai, he'll immediately pay these investors? It's been many months now, and NAM1 is still employing deceptions to keep from repaying these investors.

Further, why will a Deputy Attorney General whose office is involved in investigating and possibly prosecuting NAM1 get involved as a spokesperson for NAM1? And that Deputy Attorney General still is employed in that agency. Now which political party has the dumb asses and crooks?

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Ex-Pope on Jun 20, 2020 19:55
evil Narcotics Peddlers Party