Power Voltage and Plug Types

What power voltage is used in Ghana ?
Wtype of plugs are used in Ghana? Are the plugs 2 pin or 3 pin?

<LI>Official range: 220-240 at 50 Hz.
<LI>3 Pins

Any electrical equipment that has 220-240VAC 50Hz input capability will work in Ghana. A considerable proportion of electrical equipment sold in the USA are exclusively 60Hz and you will have problems with speed and electrical interruptions etc. So the watch word is not only voltage but frequency of electrical impulses.

If you get a machine with switchable voltage which says 110-120VAC/220-240 VAC 50/60Hz either at the back or in the manual ( which means you can have it opened and appropriate voltage selected), you are on the hOme stretch then buy DEFINITELY else forget it and buy one from Europe or from a specialist export electrical goods shop.

However the lines deliver usually less, and of course in some cases overshoots.
1. Where ever possible one should use a GOOD SURGE SUPPRESSOR, whether yuou use atransformer or not.
2. For those in the USA, get a suitable Transformer. Connect your Surge Suppressor to the Transformer, and then connect your US machines to the S/Suppressor.

3. There is on the market an Uninterruptible Power Supply or voltage Regulator on the market for about $100. I'll recommend it instead of an expensive (def. as more than $6) Surge Suppressor, because everytime the lights go out and come on again, you will experience such a power surge that could damage some ICs or circuits. in fact EOS, Electrical Overstress, is one of the most common failure symptons on ICs, even in the USA. How much more in areas where there is a power cut off anytime it rains.

4. Single Phase vs 3 Phase:
In Ghana, in areas where there are single phase lines, you expereince a really poor power delivery. The dimming light may have only about 160 Volts instead of 220/240V. If you intend to use much power equipment, I suggest you contact the local Electrician there. They'll get you a 3Phase line for a small fee. From that time, you'll get better power deleivery. sometimes it's so bad you rtefrigerator won' t be powered up.

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