2024 Election: The 'unintelligent' report of the EIU, NDC does not need a fresh presidential candidate

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Thu, 21 Apr 2022 Source: Iddrisu Abdul Hakeem

Fellow Ghanaians, our folk of old says that “the earth never changes color to match the chameleon, it is the chameleon that changes color to match the earth.” Believe it or not it is a fact that in the High Court of the Hawks the chicken is never declared innocent. But, no matter what, no dead chicken is afraid of the Hawks and shall certainly survive the Hawks’ shenanigans and threats.

Apparently, the Economists Intelligence Unit has been, to say the least, offensively economical with the truth in respect of their latest report purporting to have been conducted in the last five years, which alleges that refreshing the presidential candidacy of the National Democratic Congress, NDC, is the surest way to winning the 2024 presidential election.

This is either an April Fool's day joke, or a mid-day madness. Period. Or more accurately, inaccuracy of data influenced this premature conclusion.

Aside the established fact that politicians and diapers have one thing in common which is that, they both must be changed regularly and for the same reason: a reason that necessitates the ousting of the current government, come 2024, that has been governing in a big foul mess since their inception, the quasi two terms covenant with the country is due for the current government to go for a new government to take over. And it does really matter the fielding of a presidential candidate. And that candidate must not be knew to the electorates.

And just as any national presidential contest, as the 2024 election keeps inching up, political lamentations, predictions, and even surveillances, are also on the rise, mostly by charlatans who are giving their opinions that are often jaundiced on arrival. Among such jaundiced opinions are surveys that have been motivated by “fat brown envelopes” by political carcass eaters and scavengers who embrace what the former President of the United States of America, Barrack Obama, describes as “politics of anything goes”.

Nonetheless, the Will of thy Lord shall come to pass.

Undoubtedly, the hunger which has been savaging the land has left in its wake not only the mayhem and anarchy, brutalities, carnages, bloodletting, and the outright horrors on our roads, in ritual money-making dens, armed robbery attacks, burglary, humongous fraud and just anything evil done to survive that we are witnessing on daily basis, one other most dangerous development as a result of the hunger has been the fast shrinking of many brains in this country, including some "stomach" agencies who have been "bought" to mislead the public regarding their so-called findings.

Numerous political charlatans as commentators and pundits have been exploiting the present leadership failure of the country in order to repackage it for the next election. Largely accentuated and attenuated by medieval thinking.

God forbid!

But the truth is that, nobody can make an empty sack to stand.

Isn’t it the report by the EIU not similar to the entity that elected president Akufo Addo as the best President in Africa?

I initially wrote it off as nothing but a product of hatchet men. Its purpose, I surmise but with my thinking cap intact, is to dilute the current shit of leadership every Ghanaian, sick or dying, is groaning of due to the brutal weight of corruption and incompetence that have found home and hope and got institutionalized in the Akufo Addo-led administration in the last five years.

You see, one thing hatchet job doers and professional character assassins don't know is that there are certain individuals, their reputations have been endorsed by the All-Mighty God Himself. No amount of character assassination can bog them down. Such is the personality of the former president, John Dramani Mahama, who's waiting to take over the mantle of leadership by the grace of God he generously dashed to the then Flagbearer of the New "Pandemic" Party, the NPP, who thought leadership was badmouthing those in power even if they have not committed any crime.

Today, his government remains the most infamous administration that has dwarfed the Ghanaian economy below he himself. Today, unless you are blinded by primordial matters of tribalism and ethnic jingoism, every sensible Ghanaian knows the twin disasters of corruption and unpardonable incompetence have rendered the government of Akufo Addo more pandemic than Covid-19 pandemic.

A situation that has given President Mahama an "A" in the fight against corruption; a situation that has honestly declared President Mahama as the best and most authentic and competent economic management Messiah.

Forget about the cooked-up data and unsolicited economic graphs by vice President Bawumia. The question is, despite the resources at the disposal of the Akufo Addo government to manage the economy, why do we find ourselves in this present quandary and economic quagmire?

Thievery and display of unalloyed disloyalty and dishonesty in the management of the Ghanaian economy.

It will therefore be the height of dishonesty for any finder or reporter to find or report that the former President who has been vindicated to be incorruptible and fought corruption to the best of his ability, cannot be a better candidate going into another election with the same people who accused him of what posterity has adjudged them to be the worse than one they were pointing accusing fingers at.

Today, the Fourth Estate, A Project of the Media Foundation for West Africa, is reporting that the worst of Mahama in the corruption war remains Akufo Addo' best. They lament that despite the second declaration of "the scramble for Africa" by Akufo Addo and his cronies of political vultures, nobody has been arraigned before any law court to be investigated for acts of corruption.

According to them, the President has consistently, in two of his State of Nation Addresses, conveniently ignored the word "corruption". The word corruption has become so bitter in the mouth of the President. And this is the time an office has been dedicated to fighting the canker in Ghana at a cost of the taxpayer.

Fellow Ghanaians, with president Akufo Addo's massive failure in the fight against corruption, if there's any survey that has been honestly conducted and not motivated by hatch man tactics, it must see this most falsely accused and maligned former president in our recent politics as the best suitor for the Jubilee House, especially when he's going to contest, again, with one of the mismanagers and manufacturers of our current mess!

It will therefore be a mark of political prematurity, naivety, and dishonesty, for any survey to suggests replacement of the former president is the better option going into an election that is virtually a "walkover" for him. In Sha Allah.

Again, taking into consideration the prospects of the last election by the former president, no report that has an element of honesty and truth in it could find any presidential candidate better and winnable than former President Mahama.

That election was never the true reflection of the electorates of this country. And the most callous way the incumbent government perpetrated that greatest electoral heist in the history of our country is what has brought the current doom and gloom upon the beneficiaries of that electoral fraud shamelessly endorsed by the supreme court.

No wonder the Chief Justice himself has been accused or caught neck-deep in a five million dollars bribe scandal that has been hanging around his neck like the proverbial albatross.

We all were in this country when the President himself was fingered and embarrassed by an exotic commercial sex worker for testing his phallic competence on her faraway in Canada.

God has always come to the aid of the oppressed, whether they are saints or sinners. And the God of President Mahama shall see to it that those who masterminded "DumSor-DumSor" during his tenure as President, shall suffer for their cruel, all-die-be-die and Machiavellian methods of winning elections.

With all the above, a correct and accurate survey must not see the oppressed oppression goes scot-free at the ballot box.

Besides, Ghanaians know very well that the best punisher of corruption in the present government, when a next government is formed, would be former President Mahama.

This is the reason why he needs the prayers of all Ghanaians to win a hiccup-free election so as to investigate, find, and bring back the over GH¢13000 Akufo Addo has borrowed on behalf of Ghanaians; COVID-19 Funds disappearance and many more.

So help him, God.

Ignore the paid surveys, pray for Ghana, stand for Ghana.

The economical intelligence report by the Economist Intelligence Unit shall never be the yardstick for the 2024 presidential election.

Columnist: Iddrisu Abdul Hakeem