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A "Burger" Piles Pressure on Woyome to Vomit the Money or is sued.

I fervently desire to drag Alfred Agbesi Woyome to court. My intention borders on proving to him that he can steal, he can run, but he cannot hide. The long arm of the Law will catch up with him sooner despite the fact that he has the backing of President Mills, Ebo Barton-Oduro, the Deputy Attorney General, Alex Segbefia, the Deputy Chief of Staff and Akyena Brentuo, the suspended member of the NDC Communication Team working at the presidency.

It takes a person of a lion heart to engage someone of those gargantuan riches as Alfred Agbesi Woyome in litigation. However, as the relatively physically smallish David was able to engage the towering giant of the Philistines, Goliath, in a battle and defeated him, so shall I. Much as Alfred has connived with NDC conspirators to rob Ghana of GHC58 million, I see him as far worse than I see any other poor person who could easily be engaged in a court action and defeated. He is in for trouble if he thought he could inflict daylight robbery on Mother Ghana and go scot-free.

What really annoy me are his newfound guts to threaten anyone who verbally or through media publication criticises his fraudulent action. He still feels big, wobbling in his thievery shoes and shamelessly issues court actions against anyone passing painful comments about his dubious but successful attempt to wrench GHC58 Million out of Mother Ghana. He will live to regret or curse the day that he was born if he thought Ghanaians were going to let him saunter through the streets of Accra with a big smile on his face, beating his chest like a chimp and claiming authority of the streets because he is "fucking" rich.

I wonder why in the face of unfolding evidences confirming his wrongful act of duping Ghana to the tune of GHC58 million, the majority of the NDC are still throwing their weight behind him as though he is in the right. Are his supporters discerning enough? Do they have a fair share of grey matter in their cranium? Do they think about the collective welfare of Ghanaians or they just think about themselves as myopic, greedy and selfish as they may be?

The NDC have shot themselves in the foot no matter how hard they try to prove otherwise, by their support for Woyome to wriggle out of the difficulty. They are trying hard to help him justify his thievery committed on Ghana under the Sunlight by day, and floodlights by night. Even a fool knows that the NDC connived with Alfred Agbesi Woyome to rob Ghana of that amount in the hope of him single-handedly financing the NDC before, during and after election 2012.

God willing, Woyome and all those that have conspired with him to rob Ghana are sooner jailbirds. The conspirators are numerous. No matter how best the NDC try to shield Woyome in a steel case from the long arm of the law, it will be broken into to get him vomit the money.

Could the Finance Minister, a man renowned for his credibility, integrity, accountability and transparency come out to tell the whole nation if President Mills was not privy to the judgment debt payment of GHC58 million or so, to Alfred before it became public knowledge? Could the Accountant General, the Finance Minister and those authorities tell Ghanaians upon what persuasive basis or authority they effected the payment? Could they show the authoritative document, the court of its origin, and the judge issuing it, prior to the payment?

The NDC's action on this "Woyomegate Scandal" until now smacks of conspiracy to dupe Ghana. The truth will out with all the conspirators involved exposed once I see Woyome in court. I will be dragging him to court for cleverly succeeding to rob Ghana of that hefty amount of money. Woyome as I have said in one of my articles had never signed any Can 2008 contract with the government of Ghana. Why then did he sue Ghana and succeeded in getting that huge money? Could he have succeeded if he was not the financier of the NDC party? No!

Who are the NDC and Woyome trying to fool? Is it not themselves, I suppose. All those with relevant information and incriminating documents, evidence etc, able to help me cage Alfred Agbesi Woyome and his conspirators should please contact me on my e-mail account rcksnadofo@yahoo.co.uk. I shall be grateful if Mr. Mpiani and Ken Adjepong will contact me. We should rather take the war to Woyome. We should not to sit on our lap swallowing his daily nonsensical threats, naming those he is going to serve writs. His tactics to silence people will not work with me.

Woyome will surely vomit the money so the earlier he does it, the better for us all. I shall not sit for this man to laugh all the way to foreign banks with the money. May he continually suffer disturbing insomnia until he refunds the money with interest and an unreserved apology to Ghanaians?

Mark my words, this incident of robbery by Woyome and his NDC mentors or mentees will forever remain an albatross hanging around the neck of NDC. Its repercussions on the aiding and abetting NDC will be disastrously far bigger than meets the eye.

In the name of Mother Ghana, I command Woyome to vomit the money. Vomit. Vomit. Vomit!

Rockson Adofo
Columnist: Adofo, Rockson
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