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A Sketch History Of Ghana Part 3

1. Who said: if you want to get an appointment from Prez. Mills government, you must always insult me Ans Jerry Rawlings.

2. Who wrote a confidential letter to the late Gen. Acheampong dated 18th Dec. 1977 saying that his FEARS were increased when he looked at the Koranteng Addo Report, and that he would be a stupid General if he sat in the comfort of his farms to await the venegeance that was about to be unleased on them? Ans Gen. Afrifa.

3. What prompted General Afrifa to write that prophetic letter in 1977? Ans He said he had heard from certain quarters that they will LINE ALL MEMBERS OF THE NLC UP and shoot them one by one in order to discourage the MILITARY from staging coups in the FUTURE 4. Who said: so many hard things were said about me by the people of this country when they had the opportunity, the very people who hailed me in 1966. Ans Gen. Afrifa.

5. Was General Afrifa entertaining genuine fears in his prophetic letter to Acheampong Ans Yes, he was lined up with Acheampong, Akuffo and other senior military officers NOT FOR STAGING coups but for looting the National Treasury on June 4 1979 by the AFRC Military Junta. 6. Who said: “Your so – called Kufuor is in town, that Kufuor who cannot stay in Accra but roams about unnecessarily Ans Kwabena Kusi, an apprentice mechanic in Kumasi

7. What happened to him when he made that remark on 21st August 2003 Ans He was jailed for Assault and remanded into prison custody by Mr. S. Achina, the Presiding magistrate 8. Who said: I want to see 12 million wealthy people in Ghana, and not 5,000 millionaries whilst the rest are dying of poverty Ans J.J. Rawlings in Feb. 1982. 9. Which political group twisted what Rawlings said above to put ANTI – RICH TAG on him Ans Members of the Danquah/Busia tradition which the NPP represent today,

10. Which UP Politician procured a ship load of Arms and Ammunition and hired Mercenaries from Argentina to come to Ghana and violently overthrow the PNDC government headed by Chairman Rawlings in 1986? Mr. J.H. Mensah

11. What happened to him later? Ans He was arrested by South American security agents and put before trial in a Federal court.

12. What was that infamous operation code named Ans The Nobister Affair 13. Why did the Ghana Bar Association boycott the drafting of the 1992 Fourth Republican Constitution? Because Rawlings decided to resign from the Army and contest the 1992 general elections as a civilian.

14. Which group of politicians organised members of the G.B.A. in 1992. Ans The Danquah/Busia tradition which the NPP represent today because most of the GBA members are card bearing members of that party.

15. When and where did Jerry Rawlings accept his nomination as the Presidential candidate

of the NDC Ans September 18th 1992 at Victoria Park, Cape Coast. 16. When did the NDC launch a Development Programmed dubbed Vision 2020 Ans 1995 17. Did the NPP government continue with that Development programme launched by the NDC in 1995 Ans No, Ex-Prez. Kufuor also launched a different Development Programme dubbed Vision 2015 and changed all Junior Secondary Schools to Junior High Schools and Senior Secondary Schools to Senior High Schools.

18. What was Kufuor’s reason for doing so? Ans He did not want the NDC to exist as a party and did whatever he could to either kill Rawlings, Jail his wife and collapse the NDC but failed until his tribal political party lost to the NDC in 2008. 19. Which Political Party sent emissaries led by Jones Ofori Atta to London to convince British Investors NOT To Come to Ghana in 1995 because the country was NOT STABLE Ans. The NPP, it was not strange to elderly Ghanaians because both J.B.Danquah and K.A. Busia did the same thing to Dr. Kwame Nkrumah when he went to the U.S. to access a loan for Constructing the Akosombo dam.

20. Where and when did the then NPP government hold a meeting and decided to IMPLICATE and KILL the following Retired and serving soldiers they thought could possibly stage a coup (1) J.J. Rawlings (rtd) (2) Kojo Tsikata (rtd) (3) General Smith (rtd) (4) Arnold Quainoo (rtd) (5) Gberlo Lartey (rtd) (6) F.W. Mahama, (7) Brigaddier Abudulai and (8) Peter Nanfuri Ans At Akosombo on 14th September 2004. 21. In January 2001, Warrant Officer (rtd) Samuel Mensah, the personal Body guard of Rawlings was arrested and detained overnight by Kufuor’s BNI. What charges were preferred against him? Ans He was released to go home without ANY charges preferred against him the show of State power was felt every where by NDC members.

22. When Dr. Busia’s Progress Party “won” the 1969 general elections and formed a government, what happened in Yendi in the Northern Region of Ghana Ans 69 people were killed at “Gbewaa Palace” including the YANAA.

23. When Kufuor’s NPP won the 2000 general elections and formed a government what happened at Yendi in 2001 Ans 40 people including the Yaa Naa were killed

24. When the first Ghana Air Force Commander died in July 2004, and his daughter Ms. Rosemong De Graft Hayford decided to invite Rawlings to the memorial service, what did the then air force commander Air Vice Marshal Apau Mantey say? Ans I would not be responsible if some soldier takes the law unto his own hands and shoot Rawlings.

25. Under which government can the National Security Co-ordinator send armed men to trail a former President without his notice and when the men were questioned later at a CEPS barrier, the Head of National Securtiy will claim that they were rather trailing the former President to give him protection” Ans You can only find such a Bogus Security Protection only under Ex-Prez. Kufuor’s NPP government from 2001 – 2008. 26. When did Ex-Prez. Kufuor’s National Securtiy officials undertake that mission to eliminate former President Rawlings Ans. On 21st January, 2006 when Rawlings was on his way to Tefle in the Volta Region.

27. Who said: “Should Bad Fate Befall the Former President, Ghanaians should not blame the NPP government Ans Mr. Kwabena Agyapong, former President Spokes man.

28. Who wrote in his news paper “Crusading Guide” 5th – 11th Aug, 2004 that Osama (Rawlings) will go this year, before the elections implying that Rawlings would be killed that year – and he the Editor was privy to that plot Ans Kweku Baako Jnr.

29. Who said: For reasons best known to Rawlings he would always disguise the TRUE DEST, NATION of his gymnastic and somersault travels in order to throw dust into the eyes of the Security Agencies Ans Hackman Owusu Agyeman – Former Minister of the Interior.

30. Who claimed that former Prez. Rawlings was soliciting funds from an oil RICH country to overthrow his government, (and yet he had no evidence whatsoever) and urged all patriotic Ghanaians to rise up and deal ruthlessly with him and his people when they hear of any such attempt Ans Ex-President Kufuor during a campaign for the Offinso South Constituency bye election at Abofour on 22nd October, 2006. 31. Why did Rawlings children continue their education outside Ghana Ans They were so intimidated by teachers sympathetic to the NPP that it became very difficult for them to continue their education in Ghana.

32. What were some of Kufuor’s first actions when he became President of Ghana Ans He embarked on a systematic campaign to drive the 31st December Women’s Movement into oblivion.

33. Which Head of Public Institution fabricated lies about the 31st December Women’s Movement by generally giving the impression that the DWM engaged in fraudulent practices. Ans The then Auditor General in the NPP regime.

34. What did the NPP government do next? Ans The government kept a 24hour surveillance an all DWM offices and tapped their telephones and the DWM became the object of an incredible torrent of official hostility.

35. How can an NGO solicit funds and expect the government to guarantee them, who made that reckless statement Ans Ex-Prez. Kufuor who refused to release half of the money belonging to the 31st December women’s Movement to complete a project because of his extreme hatred for Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings – He never did it until his party lost the 2008 general elections to the NDC’s Professor Mills.

36. Which Ministers of State ordered Swissair not to give Mrs. Rawlings Special Treatment, and Swissair replied him that he could not dictate to them since they were a private company and Mrs. Rawlings was a good customer. Ans Hackman Owusu Agyeman when he was Minister of Foreign Affairs in the NPP government. 37. Under which government did Ghanaians experience the RULE OF MAN instead of the RULE OF LAW? Ans Under Ex-President Kufuor’s NPP government from 2001 – 2008.

38. What happened to former NDC Ministers when the name given only 3 weeks to vacate all government bungalows by Kufuor’s Vicious NPP government in 2001. Ans Ghanaians watched in disbelief on Television as their possessions were thrown out onto the streets in order to humiliate them.

39. What happened to all former District and Municipal chief Executives who worked under the Rawlings government from 1992 – 2000 Ans their Ex-gratia or end of Service benefits were not paid to them by the NPP government until that tribal government was voted out of power in December, 2008.

40. What also happened to foreign companies brought into Ghana by the NDC I government of Rawlings after the NPP won the elections in 2000 Ans The NPP government Abrogated most of them and typical examples are Construction Pioneers, (CP) that asphalted parts of Obuasi town roads and Telecom Malaysia.

41. Who once referred to Professor Mills as an “Aplanke” to wit a driver’s mate Ans Yaw Osafo Marfo – Former Minister of Finance in Kufuor’s NPP government.

42. Which Minister of State went to solicit loans from a Chinese hairdressing Saloon located in a Kiosk? Mr. Yaw Osafo Marfo who had the impudence to refer to Professor Mills as an “Aplanke” shame unto Him.

43. Who said: I will be destroying my government if I dismiss corrupt Ministers of State Ans Ex-Prez. Kufuor and his NPP government.

44. Which Member of Parliament led his party supporters to burn the NDC Constituency office at Kyebi when he was elected as the Member of Parliament in 2004? Ans: Nana Akoffo Addo. 45. Which Presidential Candidate urged his party supporters to be prepared to die in their numbers to show that they are also men with two balls in between their legs in order to let him become Ghana’s President Ans Nana Akuffo Addo.

46. Are his Supporters actually prepared to die for him during the 2012 general elections Ans Yes, there are so many fools in the NPP and so they will actually die, but Prez. Mills will retire Nana Akuffo Addo from Active Politics in 2012. 47. What was the Code name of the coup de’tat that violently overthrew Dr. Nkrumah’s CPP government on 24th February, 1966 Ans “Operation Cold Chop”. 48. Which former Military Head of State, asked a panel of interrogators that “which of them sleeps with their wives Alone without having girl friends Ans General Acheampong in 1979 when he was asked the reason why he had several girl friends in Ghana.

49. Which Minister of State in Kufuor’s government ordered former NDC Ministers who worked under Rawlings to surrender their Diplomatic Passports as if they were about to run away Ans Hackman Owusu Agyeman, their Foreign Minister.

50. After wining the general elections and forming a government in 2001 how did the NPP government regard every NDC policy or cabinet decision Ans The NPP made such decisions the subject of criminal Investigation with several former ministers being detained in BNI cells often beyond the statutory 48 hours as required by the 1992 constitution.

51. Who was responsible for the rapid bomb explosions in Accra between 1961 and 1962 that killed over 300 children Ans Obetsebey Lamptey the father of Jake Obtsebey Lamptey current National Chairman of the violent prone NPP.

52. Whose sister was killed in her kitchen by NLM thugs while preparing food for her children Ans Krobo Edusei’s Sister – the NLM later became the UP Tradition which the NPP represent today.

53. When was Dr. Nkrumah released from prison by the British Governor to form a government Ans 12th Feb. 1951. 54. How many people attended Dr. Nkrumah’s rally that proclaimed the formation of the Convention People’s Party (CPP) at the Accra Arena in 1949 Ans 60,000 people.

55. What were the names of the foot soldiers that supported Dr. Nkrumah’s CPP from 1949 to 1957 when the country became independent Ans Verandah Boys and Girls (2) The Ghana Young Pioneers including this writer.

56. From which group did the CPP emerge into a full fledged political party in 1949 Ans The Committee on Youth Organisation (C.Y.O) 57. Who once said that the people of Akyem were not subject to the laws of Ghana in 1958 after he failed to win elections to become Ghana’s Prime Minster Ans Dr. J.B. Danquah

58. Which politician travelled to London to make a plea to the British government to deny granting independence to Ghana Ans Dr. Busia did so before Independence.

59. Why was the Avoidance of Discrimination Act passed by parliament in 1957? Ans: it forbade political and religious organisations formed on tribal lines in Ghana.

60. In which year was a plot hatched by members of the Danquah/Busia tribal group to assassinate Dr. Nkrumah at the Airport and then overthrow his CPP government Ans 1958,just one year after Ghana’s independence.

61. Which politician warned the British Government 1955 of grisly after effects if Ghana attained independence under the CPP government Ans Dr. K. A. Busia.

62. Who said the masses should have been slaves and allowed to participate in government only by VOTING in 1956 Ans Dr. J.B. Danquah who never won the elections to become Prime Minister

63. Who said: since Kwame Nkrumah was a son of a Goldsmith with some “Ntafo” – Northerners in his government and since the CPP was voted into power mostly by ordinary people, it was an illegal government Ans Those were the infamous remarks of Dr. J.B. Danquah, the bloody bombthrower and Ghana’s No-1 murderer who is now being praised to High Heavens by Kufuor’s tribal NPP Party.

64. In February 1922, who told the then Governor of Gold Coast now Ghana that the BONES ON THE AKIM ABUAKWA STATE DRUMS WERE THOSE REBELLIOUS SUB – CHIEFSAns Mr. Donkor of Fankyereko that was the murderous legacy of J.B. Danquah.

65. Which politician had absolute contempt for the ordinary people in Ghana and yet expected them to always vote for him Ans Dr. J.B Danquah. 66. Who said, “I will never leave the NDC, a party that I struggled to form so I am going nowhere”? Ans: Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings.

67. Who said, “You are a Rawlings’ boy, so I can’t work with you”? Ans Dr. Kwaku Agyemang, Ashanti Regional Minister. 68. Who said, “all Ghanaians must work without looking at the clock in 1984”? Ans J. J. Rawlings. 69. Which leaders of the NPP stated in 2004 that the NDC will never come to power? Ans. All the leaders and supporters of the NPP. 70. Which President stated in 2003 that if Madam Adelaide Borden alias Auntie will get lost in Accra if the people of Obuasi vote for her to become an independent parliamentarian? Ans Ex-President Kufour. Jaanbie Iwaii.

I am targeting Ghana youth in general and the NDC youth in particular so they must read this article to guide them in their political activities and wait patiently for part 5 of this article.


Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement