Opinions Fri, 31 Jul 2009

A Woman For President.

Indeed our political landscape has shifted over years. The exclusion of women from politics through the years, is slowly dying. Thus ushering in a new wave of strong, vibrant, self-determined and highly intelligent women. Who are most capable to get the country off the ground, if giving the chance. President Mills's all inclusive government has demonstrated that, this country cannot no longer shun or overlook the contribution, which our women could make, if welcomed aboard. In my view, this political renaissance of women, could certainly break the circle of political ineptitude. Which their male-counterparts have demonstrated over the years.

Surely, our political climate could've been more colourful, had there been a proper balance of contributions from both our men and women. But not only that, the country could've been more sensitive to needs of her own children, had there been more female presence in politics, but no. So naturally, we all could conclude that the men have proven themselves to be bonafide failures. And therefore should be solely held accountable for the mess, and suffering of the Ghanaian masses. As much as most of us would not like to admit, Ghana is still very much a sexist country. Where women are seen as accessory items for men. In Ghana, most of our female job applicants are not selected on their educational capabilities, but rather on how well their looks resemble that of an European lady.

Unfortunately, this trend has resorted into many of our women, forsaken their beautiful dark skin tone for a bleached skin, in other to secure a job. But then if looks were the criteria, upon which a person's ability or capability, for a specific job could be judged, then ex president Kufour would've been rejected when he did run for office, wouldn't you say? Appallingly, some of these male job recruiters do even put their dicks on table, and the female job applicant who understands the meaning gets the job.

I once asked a friend of mine, if he could shed some light on why things are what they are in Ghana. And he said look, our brothers and fathers who are running our country have no sense of shame. Because a responsible father who has any sense of shame, wouldn't like to see his children or that of his brother suffer. Furthermore, he wouldn't allow somebody......somewhere to humiliate him or his even children. See, none of us could dispute the fact that, our fathers in government have humiliated us in front of the world with their IMF this and IMF that. The Asians, Europeans and Americans are all taking care of their children. So how come that we are not taking of our own? What became of our sense of responsibility?

With all that we've got, why should all this borrowing, abject poverty and filthy living environment be necessary at all? The nature of politics should be about detecting and solving socio-economic problems. Not just talking about them or pretending to know the solutions, when you don't have a clue. And this is something which the men who have governed our country hitherto, should've been taught at their university so and so. Personally, I do believe that the men's shameful performance, and inability to steer this country towards progress and prosperity after 52 years of independence, should give us a reason to elect a woman with common sense for president. And let's see what she would do differently.
Columnist: MP