Opinions Thu, 5 Nov 2015

A love for a party, a love for its constitution

Anyone who loves a party, loves its constitution, thus will do everything possible to satisfy its wants just as a man does to a woman he is crazy about.

(1. Adam ate the apple to please Eve despite God's consistent direct warning to him/them 2. The story of Titanic on my mind).

The will of an organisation is an attainment of its objective and the respect for its constitution.

A direct inverse is what an enemy or hater or player of such an organisation will do to it; same applies to a man and a woman relationship scenario.

It will be better for NPP to lose the 2016 Elections than to succumb to any blackmails by any of its members or to allow any of its members to disrespect its constitution.

Note, a group without the respect of its constitution by its members has no future because such a group will die faster than a drop of water dropped into Hell Fire.

Let's respect and allow the party's constitution to work because no one is or can be superior to the constitution of any organisation he/she finds him/herself in.

Meaning, if you are part of an organization, you will need to succumb to its constitution, else you will have to leave the organisation.

Just as because a woman can't urinate by standing in an "attention" position or push out her urine straight infront of her, she will have to join the kind / breed of humans who squat or open their legs wide before they urinate, its same for a man or woman who can't respect or follow the constitution of an organisation they find themselves in; they have to leave that organisation.

Let us all try our best to sycophant the constitution of a party only and also an attainment of its objective should be our only priority.

I only meant to write a comment, I never thought it will generate into this long piece, hahahhahaha...

Thank you.

May God be praised always.

Nana Kwadwo Akwaa

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Columnist: Nana Kwadwo Akwaa