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A victim reveals the chronic corruption with COVID-19 testing at Ghana Kotoka Airport on Hot Digital Online radio in UK

Covid 19 Restrictions.png The the author believes the KIA is getting filled with corrupt officials

Mon, 20 Dec 2021 Source: Rockson Adofo

A husband of a woman who has become a victim to the obvious corrupt practices by Ghanaian officials at the Kotoka International Airport (KIA) phoned in to a radio program on Hot Digital Online FM in London on Sunday, 19 December 2021. The man disclosed to Sir Richie, the program presenter, how his wife has recently been fleeced or duped by an official at the KIA.

According to the man, his wife on arriving at the Kotoka airport with her two children, was told to have tested positive to COVID-19 after going through the testing procedure. The official separated the woman from her children. After moving here a few meters away from her children, the man told the woman that she has tested positive for COVID-19.

He asked the woman to give him one thousand Cedis (Ghs1,000), thus, 10 million Ghana old Cedis, or else, he would consign her to quarantine as per the applicable international and national rules about anyone testing positive to COVID-19 and its various mutations or variants.

The official spoke Twi to the woman, thinking her children born in the UK do not understand the Ghana Twi language. However, the children do understand the Twi language perfectly well and could hear all the detailed conversations of extortion held between the man and their mother.

The man finally took the sum of money as demanded from the woman before he did let her go as someone who had not tested positive to COVID-19 but negative.

According to the husband, the official parted with his phone number to the woman and for what reason, I cannot tell as in writing. Was it for the woman to see him as someone who has done her favor so she could later ring to thank him or what?

The husband was about to announce the number on air; however, it only took the timely intervention by Sir Richie to dissuade him from doing so but to pass the number to him, Sir Richie, off-air.

Sir Richie, Obaa Yaa, and other popular and famous Ghanaian radio programs participants have promised to investigate and escalate the incident to the attention of the powers-that-be in Ghana.

Why are some Ghanaian officials that corrupt always seeking to negate the essence or benefits of any program of collective interest to the citizenry?

Strict adherence to the Covid-19 protocols as proposed and enforced by World Health Organization (WHO) and international governments, is for the safety of people against infection and death by COVID-19. If a corrupt Ghanaian official takes a bribe to let into the country a COVID-19 sufferer end up infecting other people, is the official doing the nation and the people therein any good?

On the other hand, if the person told to be COVID-19 positive is otherwise not, but for the purpose of duping them they are falsely made to understand they are COVID-19 sufferers, are the corrupt officials not inflicting mental, financial, and physical pain on them? The shock they will sustain and the money they will spend when forced into quarantine in the government-sanctioned hotel accommodation at a personal daily cost of over US$150 a night for ten or fourteen days?

Why are most Ghanaian officials at the ports, airports, and hospitals that corrupt become useless in the positions they hold? They always abuse the trust vested in them to do a credible job of collective benefit to people. They always allow their parochial and selfish interests to supersede the collective interests of the nation and the people.

I will suggest to His Excellency the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, or any honest government Minister, if there is any, to arrange to contact Sir Richie through “Abaawa” or the owners of Hot Digital Online FM UK, for the phone number part to the woman to trace that rogue official. Once he is found, he must be prosecuted and convicted when found guilty.

If you have cameras at the airport that are operational but no dummy and had captured the incident, please use that as evidence. You can also seek evidence from the children.

It is about time we all joined forces to fight this ongoing never-ending official corruption in Ghana.

I am doing my part by always alerting the public to such malpractices through my copious publications. It is now the turn of the law enforcement agents and the president to pursue rigorous action to bring such cankers under control.

Most Ghanaian officials are a disgrace. They seek to make money at the pain of others. Shame on them.

The COVID-19 testing at the Kotoka Airport is a complete joke! It has become a milk cow for some corrupt officials and organizations.

How I hope those Ghanaian “burgers” becoming victims to these vampires at the airport will rise up to vociferously defend their rights.

I will follow up with a publication about the efficacy of the Antigen Lateral Flow Test for Covid-19 to be used to challenge those Ghanaian human vultures always rushing upon arriving Ghanaians at the airport to dupe them same as vultures descend mightily happily on carcasses.

Whoever comes across this publication should please escalate it to the attention of the president and any government official you know, especially, Dr Dampare Akufo, the Inspector General of Police.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo