Opinions Mon, 8 Nov 2004

African Leaders Are Idiots - True or False?

The other day, I was reading an article on this website about a statement purported to have been made by Mr Kofi Wayo ; a former member of NPP that African leaders are idiots. As I read on I tried to figure out why Mr. Wayo made that statement. I pondered over it for a very long time , and I decided to visit the discussion panels? page to see what other people thought about this outburst. As usual a number of persons had written to blast Mr. Wayo, with some prophesying that Wayo could never become the president of Ghana and other things!

But harsh as this statement might seem, It seems to me that it is not far the truth, considering the fact that African opposition leaders would fight tooth and nail to gain power, but once they are on the throne, they seem to go the same way that their predecessors went which earned them a sack namely to start to enrich themselves, ignore public cries for better living conditions and jobs etc etc.

Examples of this behaviour abounds in our own West African sub-region.

Now let us come home to our own Ghana, and to Mr Kofi Wayo. This man was a very high profile member of the ruling party; who had unlimited access to the president, and also had friends of influence in the party who decided to leave the ruling party and join a nondescript opposition party because he believe the government is doing something contrary to what they collectively promised the electorate, at a time when most politician from the opposition were scrambling to join the government so that they could be assured of their fill. That singular act of Mr. Wayo should earn him a standing ovation. I think Kofi Wayo as a former parliamentary candidate and NPP insider knows a lot of things about the government which we ordinary street people do not know or are being kept in the dark of. So if he talks, he knows what he is talking about; it is said that when the cousin of the alligator emerges from the pool to announce the alligator?s death, don?t doubt him.

Secondly, I believe if Wayo was as selfish as Kofi Asante, Mike Gizo, Akwasi Agyeman and others, I believe he could have kept quiet and talked his way into some lucrative government contracts but he did not do that. These days, anyone who tries to point out that the government is not performing is branded NDC stooge, Anti NPP, and all sorts of names, some people will even out rightly insult you, especially those with sentimental attachment to NPP; but friends, no matter long we bury our heads in the sand, the problem will not simply disappear. I would wish that when it comes to discussing national issues, people would use their heads instead of their hearts.

Wayo?s letter to the president which was published on this website was only reminding the president of the jobs he promised, and the better living conditions he promised. A lot of NPP aficionados wish that these things are never brought up, but they would simply not die.

Our ancestors say we mustn?t mention death because death destroys, but whether or not we mention death , it will destroy all of us some time to come.

Ghana now is deeply divided more than ever in its short history as a nation, the various tribal groupings are suspicious of each other, whilst the NPP government pursues laisez faire policies. Before our own eyes, this kind of situation led to carnage in Rwanda, Liberia and Sierra Leone, but we sit here and wish that this never happens in Ghana! If wishes were horses, beggars would ride on them, and we must also know that the harbinger of doom does not carry a flag to announce his presence. A word to the wise they say is enough.

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Columnist: Okyem Duku