Opinions Sun, 8 Nov 2015

Akuffo Addo Doesn't Deserve This, Mr. Afoko!

Words can't express our broken hearts and disappointments in the

conduct of Mr. Paul Afoko and his few cronies during his time as

chairman of our party and lately.

There are times in every life where our choices bring to us a lot of

regrets and sorrows, because the choices we made to bring to us

goodwill and progress, rather turns to bring us misfortune and further

hurts our hearts. In this moments, we don't kill ourselves but, regret

our choices and work out to clean up the messes our choice have


What was our offense as delegates and sympathizers of the party for

ever voting Mr. Afoko as chairman? We made such choice with a lot of

hopes for a greater achievement. But, what have we had-

disappointments, cruelty and a bitter agenda against our party.

We can't just believe why it's only Akuffo Addo you and your cronies

have further want to work against his vision for our dear country and

our party. We don't think Akuffo Addo deserve this, Mr. Afoko!!

We don't think a man who had put all his life through the struggles

for the betterment of our country and our party deserves this. It's so


We weep in our closet about this unfortunate conditions Mr. Afoko has

placed us in as party faithfuls . Lives have been lost, because of the

insensitive actions of you as a chairman of our party and even when

you are suspended!! Excuse us for some of our words as a civilized

group, but, Mr Afoko, you leave us with no options.

It hurts badly that you are ruining or you have ruined the chances of

your northern brothers with you actions and inaction.

But, we believe we shall have another chance someday to make it up or

clean up your messes. We of the north are not trained to be

rebellious, cheats and to work against the progress of a person or an

organization and it hurts that's exactly what you are doing to Nana

Addo and the NPP.

We can't just understand your selfish agenda against the Npp, because,

you campaigned on unity and progress for our party during your

electioneering campaign. But, ever since, you were made the chairman

of our party, all we have witnessed is one problem from the other.

The NEC in its wisdom tried getting us as a party a solution by

suspending you, because it was imperative of it. We thought, upon

realizing the harm you have caused us a party, you will accept that in

good faith to allow the party to progress. But, what have you done or

what are you doing? It's a shame to your personally and you should

only that, you have made everybody believe that you have never been

with the NPP. You have made us all believe that you only came in with

an evil agenda against Nana Addo and the Npp. You have made us all

know that your paymaster really asked of you a lot of damages to Nana

Addo and the party.

But, God isn't dead and we believe so much that Nana Addo and the NPP

shall thrive regardless of what you or your cronies have done or will


We know the NPP will rise and overcome these stormy times to salvage

our country from the incompetent hands of the NDC.

We trust that Ghana must work again and God will prepare Nana Addo for

its realization.

You, Mr. Afoko, your few cronies and your paymasters should know that

you aren't God and we believe we shall prevail as a party with or

without your destructive and evil agenda, because that's the purpose

of God for us as a party.

No matter what you do,,Nana Addo will be president to rescue Ghana

from the incompetent and corrupt NDC government.


Progressive Youth Alliance

Yenah Latif Solomon

Leader 0206323444

Arthur Emma

General Secretary 0503894105
Columnist: Yenah Latif Solomon