Akufo-Addo has destroyed Ghana

Akufo Addo 1 610x400.jpeg President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo

Tue, 30 Aug 2022 Source: Joel Savage

The president of Ghana, Akufo Addo, is not only a bigot of a certain tribe but also a conceited individual who believes in his supremacy. He considers himself to be very intelligent intellectually, but he only excels at corruption and illegal activity, and he doesn't even feel guilty about it.

The president is so shrewd and envious that he struggles to appreciate the good qualities or accomplishments of anyone he despises.

There are moments when a person may have megalomania if they exhibit unflinching pride, act arrogantly, or feel superior to and disdainful of other people. Anyone familiar with the president's personality will agree that he is not only greedy, disrespectful, arrogant, inexperienced, and a bad leader but also far too haughtily proud.

The appearance of unpleasant emotions and morally-related personality traits like vainglory, complacency, self-love, and arrogance are frequently linked to pride. The neurotic manifestation of pride that develops into arrogance is an ecstasy of one's superior position. As a result, pride is an example of ignorance, narrow-mindedness, and dumb delight.

Anyone who watches the old videos of what Akufo Addo stated about John Mahama and the NDC, with pledges to reform and improve conditions for regular Ghanaians, will confess that this current president has done nothing to alter and has been shamed by God or by his hubris and foolishness.

The president is biased in every case because he is a selfishly proud and haughty guy who doesn't want to listen to other people's views and constantly believes that only his perspective is correct. He wrongly accused Mahama of endangering the nation and now he can't even admit that he has failed horribly despite all the noise he made to create Ghana the best country in West Africa with a booming economy.

A list of some of the promises Akufo Addo made when seeking the presidency, but haven't been fulfilled

1. Develop a strategic marketing plan to highlight our special historical sites, wildlife, waterfalls, and other cultural artifacts.

2. Take hiring practices at tourist destinations and throughout our hospitality sector seriously.

3. We will work with the private sector to establish a cutting-edge hospitality-teaching facility with an operational hotel, classrooms, restaurants, a library, and dorm rooms to raise professionalism in the industry.

4. Motivate local communities to assume responsibility for and invest in the long-term viability of tourist attractions in their areas.

5. The NPP will support a revenue-sharing program that will funnel 5% of tourism receipts from well-established tourist destinations' admission prices into neighborhood community projects.

6. Develop the Ghana Tourist Authority into a cutting-edge, effective research and marketing organization with the required financial and technical resources to assist in promoting Ghana as a renowned tourism brand on a global scale.

7. Reactivate the Ghana Museums and Monuments Board and provide it with the necessary resources to effectively serve as a repository for our cultural and historical records.

8. Strive for an ecotourism policy that will allow us to make these locations accessible while safeguarding nature.

9. Invest in tourism IT as a facilitator to advance knowledge and information exchange about the nation's tourism possibilities.

10. To offer our culture pride of place in our national development, the Culture Policy, devised and adopted under the Kufuor government, would be reviewed and aggressively implemented.

11. We'll create a thorough inventory of all our cultural resources so that the country has a database of them.

12. The NPP will see to it that the laws protecting Kente and Adinkra designs are vigorously upheld against unauthorized use by foreign parties.

13. A Creative Arts Fund will be created.

14. The NPP and the Chief Justice will work together to establish a Creative Arts Division of the High Court to handle all matters about intellectual property rights, complete with a specialized enforcement unit.

15. To organize and harmonize the many interests and fragmented associations into a well-functioning entity to protect the interests of members, the NPP would create a Creative Arts Council.

16. To assess actual and due royalties, the NPP will partner with private sector interests to acquire the technology and apparatus required to log creative works.

17. In addition to establishing a new Copyright Office in Tamale to serve the northern sector in addition to the ones already in Accra and Kumasi, we will continue to pursue the construction of contemporary large-seating theaters in every regional capital except Accra, starting with Takoradi, Tamale, and Kumasi.

18. There are 111 hospitals with the codename "Agenda 111."

19. After dismantling a hospital that served the towns of La, Teshie, and Nungua, he failed to reconstruct the facility. There are many more that I couldn't think of right away to add to the list.

John Mahama was Akufo Addo's target, and it appears that his plan to destroy him has backfired. He left all of his unfinished projects on purpose because his conceited vanity led him to believe he was capable of building more than that. However; today, Akufo Addo is severely reaping every evil he planted to cause such hardships and suffering for Ghanaians.

Who in their right mind would claim that because Akufo Addo has done so much for Ghana, he deserves praise? He stated that he would guard the public coffers, but it turned out that he came to steal the coffers, including the COVID funds.

He was unable to complete even one-tenth of the projects that Mahama either started or abandoned, yet he amassed an enormous debt for Ghana without taking responsibility. Now that the economy and currency have collapsed, he is persuading Ghanaians that the solution lies in turning to the International Monetary Fund.

It is embarrassing to see how many NPP politicians are still serving in his administration despite being deeply implicated in significant corruption scandals. How can one trust such a leader if he claims he is not corrupt? What's more, who in their right mind would support a leader who doesn't think, survey, examine, and analyze them before taking decisions?

We must say it clear, "Akufo Addo has wrecked Ghana with his conceited pride. Is that what will break the eighth cycle or rig the election once more in 2024?

Columnist: Joel Savage