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Alarming resurgence in Covid-19 infections; be careful

Coronavirus 4 Coronavirus has sent many people to their early graves

Fri, 10 Jun 2022 Source: Rockson Adofo

What at all is going on in this planetary world that we live in? It is full of diseases of all types, both old and recent.

Not talking about the old diseases like cancer, diabetes, and strokes that have been tormenting and killing many people year on year for the past several decades, if not centuries, there is this other fatal disease of Covid-19 with its concomitant ever ramifying variants come to take the world and humanity by storm.

Covid-19, becoming a pandemic, has not only destroyed the world's economy to a shocking extent, bringing untold hardships of different sorts to people but also, sent many people to their early graves, bringing sorrows and destructions to many homes and families.

At its peak, it took away my very successful business-oriented cousin in London, and other known Ghanaians both in the United Kingdom and France. The vacuum created by my cousin's unexpected early departure from the land of the living to join our ancestors, as well as that of the many others suffering a similar fate, can never be filled until thy Kingdom come.

Today as I write, there has been a resurgence in the Covid-19 infections both in the United Kingdom and Ghana. This being the case, there is the likelihood that these two countries are not exceptions, but many countries worldwide may be facing the same problem.

The economic and health situations of many a person and country have been made worse by the ongoing Russia/Ukraine war. Western countries' economic sanctions placed on Russia, resulting in the difficulty for them shipping petrol and natural gas to parts of Europe where they are greatly needed, and the non-shipment of grains, especially wheat, from Ukraine to other parts of the world, has shot the prices of commodities and utility bills up. Everyone is feeling the pinch!

I shall advise my country Ghana and its citizens to cease playing their usual dirty populist politics with what has become a worldwide, but not localised, problem.

Prices of goods and petroleum products have gone unexpectedly higher following, especially, the war being waged by Russia against Ukraine. Everyone the world over is feeling its adverse effects.

Fellow Ghanaians, please protect yourselves against Covid-19 that has refused to go away. It has resurged. Play with it, and it will kill you with ease. It does not joke. It is no respecter of persons.

Wear your nose mask. Wash your hands. Follow all the previously recommended Covid-19 protocols and God willing, the disease, seemingly man-made, will die a natural death one day.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo
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