Opinions Wed, 24 Mar 2010

Albinos Blood___ Hands of Some Politician

During the 2008 elections in Ghana Sheikh Salawati Imam Rashid a spiritual leader of the salawati mission stated that some politicians not only were able to use animals to be slaughtered and sacrificed, but some human beings were buried alive, including Albinos, deep in the forests”, Nananum, Ladies and Gentleman, the Albinos in Ghana were killed for a political purpose. Their blood is on the hands of some politicians they are the major suspects. They are suspects because of what has transpired in Ghana after the 2008 general elections in which many lives and property were destroyed. In a court of law every criminal is innocent until proven guilty. As a result of this I urge all Ghanaians (mostly the Christians) who have any information about these politicians and their involvement in the killing of our brothers and sisters who are Albinos to come forward. This information will help us to prosecute these criminal politicians who will do anything in voodoo spiritually to engage evil powers to rule this Christian nation of Ghana.

However, I will not rest until the killers of Albinos are brought to justice. Ghanaians should blamed Attah Mills and Akufo Addo for these crimes too. They are the ones who were fighting to have hegemonic powers to rule the nation where these Albinos were murdered for unjustifiable reasons. Attah Mills of National Democratic Congress (NDC) is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He pretends to be a Christian but he lies Mills is a devil not a Christian. Akufo Addo whose car was seized and a voodoo icon was found in his car is a power conscious man, who will do anything to become the president in Ghana and this will never happen in Ghana. They are also the major suspects. They owe Ghanaians the truth about the disappearance of these Albinos, who were under their watch. The Bible says in the book of Exodus: fear not; I will be with thee;. Why are Ghanaians who call themselves Christians so afraid of these criminal politicians that they can’t speak out against the death of Albinos.? Now the entire nation is experiencing the curse from Almighty God due to the murder of human beings, Albinos, for political sacrifices. This is causing financial destruction for our nation. The Ministry of Finance building has burned to the ground; Tema oil refinery and four petrol tankers were also burned; two people lost their lives due to the fire. Kumasi central market in the Ashanti region has burned twice. Just 28th February 2010 some parts in Accra where engulfed in flames. Ecobank Ringway branch burned as have many more places in Ghana. This superstition has also resulted in numerous car accidents in which many people have lost heir lives. Recently, the National Democratic Congress (NDCs) founder Jerry John Rrawlings residence burned to the ground. As the Bible says in the book of Joshua 24; 20 “If ye forsake the Lord, and serve strange gods, then He will turn and do you hurt, and consume you; after that He hath done you good”. These are all signs of God’s anger upon our nation due to the killings of these Albinos. After God has done us good during John Agyekum Kufuor’s NPP administration under which our national economy improved. The nation was able to discover Black Gold-oil –in quantities for export. Our current financial system improved from two billion dollars a year to 15 billion dollars year. But this has been His reward from Ghanaians politicians by worshipping idols. God’s anger will continue to fall on our nation if theses sycophant politicians do not stop killing innocent people as political rituals.

My fellow countrymen and women, Ghana is a Christian country. We should not sit unconcerned and allow our own brothers and sisters who were born as Albinos in Ghana to be treated as the Gypsies in Hungary in east Europe. The Gypsies in Hungary who are called the Roma are facing serious hardships and prejudice within the Hungarian society; these; gypsies in our modern society lived in obscure places in tents and wooden houses whiles nobody shows any concern for their welfare. These politicians should realize that it is not the volition of the Albinos to be born or look the way they do; they are all God’s creation and these politicians are not better than the Albinos. However, any society that does not treat its minorities well would be inflating society and will suffer the consequences. Every nation that treats its minority well is blessing its people. The questions I want to ask these politicians who killed these Albinos is this; Are these Albinos are obstacle to Ghana’s democracy? Are the Albinos present in Ghana the reason why our nations economy cannot function without financial assistance from IMF? Absolutely NO.! NO!! So why all these nonsense.? These politicians are who kill these innocent Albinos and innocent people in Ghana have become every Christian in Ghana Midianites. Let us follow the footsteps of Gideon and save Albinos from murder and get rid off the politicians who are Midianites in our midst. Stay tuned for the continuations story.

From: Nana Kofi Amankwah (New York)
Columnist: Amankwah, Nana Kofi