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All Hail Raymond Archer But…..

Reading the Enquirer of Wednesday 17th February, 2009, I could not help but start laughing. The story was captioned “Journalist Paid 15BN for Guard Dog Duty”.

It is a fact that many journalists were in bed with the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and some are still in bed with this current administration.

The Enquirer newspaper put it out that an audit report had revealed that some journalists, serial callers and defenders of the then government (NPP) had benefited from some free cash at the Ministry of Information.

I want to praise Raymond Archer or he would say there was no by-line so he won’t take the credit.

His interview on Radio Gold was funny and I say funny because he claims journalists have betrayed the citizenry because they have taken monies from the government of the day.

Raymond Archer’s friends, I mean his new found and old ones have betrayed the citizenry for a long time and he should tell them to stop it.

Another point that intrigues me is that the Enquirer newspaper said that some journalists were paid to act as guard dogs for the NPP government.

In the run to the 2007 NPP flagbearership race, Archer’s paper came out on a day that it was not expected and am asking whether I can conclude that he was doing a guard dog duty for that candidate?

I want to ask an interesting question; since January 2009, what has been the job description of Mr. Archer and my friends at the Enquirer?

To be frank, they have been acting as guard dogs for the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) headed by John Evans Atta Mills.

One of his friends is a senior journalist whose specialty is strategizing with President Atta Mills on policies and even giving him tutorials on the answers to give when he met the press earlier this year.

This journalist is the same person Raymond Archer now claims is his new found friend and if I may ask when Raymond Archer visited his offices one fine Friday afternoon with envelopes full of cash in his pockets, were they from his own pockets or another source?

This journalist had to clear himself and make the new government believe that he was not on the National Security payroll under the NPP to get some favour.

I also want to know if Raymond Archer is now off the National Security payroll, I say this because he could not muster courage when he was dared by a colleague he worked with at the Chronicle to publish the list of journalists on the payroll. I am waiting very enthusiastically for that list.

Indeed, the likes of Archer and KP have solidly regrouped around President Atta Mills, to the extent that their take on all comers who criticize the NDC, leads one to only one conclusion; they are guard dogs of the ruling NDC.

Are the likes of Raymond Archer and KP and ….. getting paid to do the ax jobs for Atta Mills?

For KP I can say one thing, anything that belongs to him was a gift from a love one and the gifts ranges from his wife, kids, cars, printing press and so on.

If you recall, on the day that Francis Poku’s house was evaded by Police, three persons were in his house and one of them was the first person to call Peace Fm to break the news.

One of the three persons is a minister now and other just got on radio to hit hard at Jerry Rawlings following his long absence whilst the other continues to enjoy the support of a foreign mission in our country.

What were they doing there as early as 6:30 am in the morning? Did they go there to greet him or it was a norm for the three to go and greet the former National Security Coordinator daily?

What about the presenters who go and collect monies and refuse to sign against their names and the drunks who say boastfully in chop bars that they are on the National Security payroll.

It is therefore not surprising that when the recipient of the VULTURE AWARD was shown a document at National Security that showed that some of his colleagues benefited under President Kufour, it caused him to go into fanatical confessions like a born again Christian.

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Source: Prince Prah prahprince-prince.blogspot.com
Columnist: Prah, Prince