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All road users need to think!

Day in and day out, the lives of many innocent people are lost on our major roads and minor roads. When such fatal accidents occur, people are quick to point eye-piercing fingers at the government. Must we continue to blame every successive government for our woes on the roads? In this article, we will learn about the role everyone must play to ensure the safety of all road users.

Planners and Regulators

The planners of our roads must take into consideration how the growing population will affect the road usage over a time. More large lanes, interconnections, and different transportation modes are needed where possible to reduce the pressure on our existing roads. Heavy cargo must be transported by railways. There must be strict rules or regulations to govern road usage at all times. There must also be strict supervision and quality checks to ensure that new roads meet acceptable and modern standards.


Contractors are required to do high quality jobs by using quality materials, quality equipment and experienced personnel for road construction. It is least expected of contractors to play politics with their assigned projects. Also, why can’t we make more levelled-roads like that of the Tema Motor Way? There are too many hills on our roads.


The National Commission for Civic Education and the National Road Safety Commission are required to intensify civic education on road safety and how to become responsible citizens.


The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA), is required to ensure that no deviant employees could ever issue driving licenses to unqualified persons. Employees who are caught doing any illegal issuance of licenses must be brought before the law. There must be strict rules to govern vehicle registration to ensure that registered vehicles meet road safety standards.


Drivers who do not obey road safety rules and signs and indulge in dangerous driving must be arrested to face the laws of our beloved country. The same applies to those who do not have the driving license. Matters must not be settled on the road but in court. Reject the one cedi, save lives!


Drivers must adhere to the speed limits and other traffic rules on the roads. Unnecessary over speeding and overtaking must be avoided at all times. Too often, drivers complain about deplorable roads but when they enter good roads, the speed is unthinkable. They should be able to analyze the intentions of other road users to avoid some preventable accidents. Heavy-duty and long vehicle drivers must think that their fellow human beings are using the mini-vehicles.


Passengers must demand good driving from the drivers. Your lives are in the hands of the drivers. Under no circumstance must the drivers take your lives for granted.

Mopeds and Motorcycle riders/Abo-bo-Yaa

Motorcycle riders are required to ensure their own safety first and the safety of other road users. Like the vehicle drivers, Motorcycle riders must not zigzag on the roads especially when there is a heavy traffic.


Pedestrians are required to follow pedestrian road instructions and must use the road with care.

The devil does not drink blood unless you give to him. Be a responsible citizen and a responsible road user. All road users need to think!
Columnist: Charles Addai
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