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Although a sinner, I shall still ask God questions

Opinions Father God, did you ever make any promise to anyone

Mon, 13 Dec 2021 Source: Rockson Adofo

When, Oh Ye Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent God, the Creator of all things, do you backtrack on your promise(s) made to a person? Is it when the said person offends you, or when the person does not act in time for your promise made to him or her to materialize?

Does the person have to act by constant reminding prayers made to you, or stand up boldly to reclaim what you have promised them in the assurance that the steps they will take will culminate in the realization of the promise so made to them?

I am querying you, Oh God the Father, based on the same methodology used by Prophet Habakkuk. The prophet, a holy person, asked you questions and advised that humans have the right to ask you questions about their suspicions, I should think.

The difference between him and me is that while he was holy and walking in your steps and directions, I may likely be wayward, walking zigzag in contrast to your straight path. However, as the mind and thinking of man could surely be not that of yours, and with the man proposing and God disposing of, I still in my little being and sense, feel it right to pose certain questions to you.

You have the right to answer them or deny me answers since no one can compel You to do anything contrary to your wish and against your time and set principles.

1. Father God, did you ever make any promise to anyone, or through anyone, as to who You had anointed to become the paramount chief of Kumawu?

2. Did you ever put your words in the mouth of, or did open the eyes of, any man or men of God, to see and pronounce or declare the person after your heart as designated by You to become the paramount chief of Kumawu?

3. If You did, but it never happened as You had planned, how could You please explain that away?

4. If You did not, how come that many a man of God, or perceived man of God, was seeing and saying the same thing?

5. Could the favorable prophecies, if ever there were any, but failed to materialize according as predicted, have come from You or the Satan?

6. Have you given Kumawuman up to be punished for certain sinful natures of ours, or You are just testing our faith and in time, You will let us see your glory?

7. Are you putting whomever You initially anointed to be the ruler of Kumawuman through the furnace to finally come out glowing in truth and glory, same as gold passed through the furnace comes out sparkling to the admiration of all?

Whatever the case is, please God the Father, do not tarry or else, an undeserving mortal human being will take your glory away from You by claiming to be the most powerful person that whatever he says goes.

By the way, are You not the God that is claimed to have said in Isaiah 42:8, thus, “I am the LORD; that is my name; my glory I give to no other, nor my praise to carved idols”? Why then is someone currently in collusion with some traditional leaders and corrupt politicians ominously towering himself over Kumawuman as the most powerful person in Ghana to whom all belongs and at the mention of whose name all court judges should bow and yield in to his demands and decisions not matter how in bad faith such demands and decisions may be?

I leave everything into your able, caring and just hands and ways. And, let Kumawuman and the whole country (Ghana) see your glory manifested in the Kumawu saga for all to see how trustworthy You are!

Columnist: Rockson Adofo