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An Open Letter To Asamoah Boateng

August 18, 2008

Dear Minister,

Re: Ghana then, Ghana now!

I write to thank you very much on behalf of all Ghanaians for using their own money to remind them of things they see everyday around them through your Ghana then, Ghana now campaign.Yes, you need to be congratulated because by implication you probably wants Ghanaian to know that they have become so dull that they can no longer see the things around them, unless reminded to do so.

In any case, that is not the reason why I am writing this letter to you. Like the proverbial old Ananse story where Kwaku Ananse tried to collect all the wisdom in the world and decided to hide it on top of a tall tree; In climbing the tree, Ananse instead of hanging the pot at his back, rather had it on his belly. As a result of which he could not climb the tree, until his little son Ntikumah reminded him to rather have the pot at his back.

I, playing the role of Ntikumah would like to remind you that there is something very important that you have forgotten or refused to add to the Ghana then, Ghana now campaign, and that is the Voters registration exercise.

I would be very greatful, if you could feature the following in your Ghana then, Ghana now campaign.

1. That, under the Jerry Rawlings government, the pictures on the voter ID cards were coloured and not black and white. And that, under President Kufour’s government, the pictures are black and white instead of being coloured.The black and white pictures can easily facilitate in personification and electoral fraud. This is not a way to move forward!

2. That, under the Jerry Rawlings government, the national flag on the voters ID cards was our regular red, gold, green (descending order) with a black star embossed on the gold. And that under Kufour’s government the national flag has rather been portrayed as green, yellow, red (descending order) with a black star. This is also not a way to move forward!

3. That, under Jerry Rawlings’government, people were not made to queue for 3 days without getting registered and that for the first time in the history of Ghana, this has happened under Kufours government. Thereby, causing several man- hour lost, inconveniences and thereby reducing the gross productivity level in the country during the 13 days of registration. Once again, this is not the way to move forward!

4. That, under Jerry Rawlings’ governmnet, all Ghanaians who had attained the ages of 18 and above were given the opportunity to register and subsequently, had the opportunity to vote. And that, under President Kufours’ government, several Ghanaians were denied the right to register as a result of the inaction of the EC, even though it is their constitutionally mandated right.

Mr.Minister,I hope you will bury your pride and ensure that this humble suggestion coming from your kid brother (Ntikumah) would be taken and added to your Ghana then, Ghana now campaign. By the way, how much has been spent of that campaign so far? May be, you must curtailed that expenditure and give the remaining amount to the Electoral Commission so that on December 7, they do not run out of voters materials, because if they do on December 7, trust me- Ghanaian may have to slaughter several Elephants in order to pacify the gods .As a matter of fact, it will be an abomination!


Julius Debrah (E/R NDC Chairman - julius.debrah@yahoo.com)
Columnist: Debrah, Julius