Opinions Sun, 23 Nov 2014

An Open Letter to Ghanaians

Dear Countrymen,
Lend me your ears. I have come to share critical views with you in order to find a common ground to salvage the sinking boat (Ghana), but not to castigate you for your usual talkativeness without much practical actions, thus, the behavioural much ado about nothing very typical of Ghanaians. As the ship has run aground, tilting dangerously to its one side, with water seeping through to all her compartments at an alarming speed, death staring her passengers scarily in the face, there is no time to waste than to assemble all emergency rescue teams and gears. The ship and her occupants need to be saved at all cost, regardless of how we go about the method to employ.
Do we sit on our arse nonchalantly like inhibited persons while our only precious ship sinks with her precious cargo and passengers? The ship has run aground owing to intentional human negligence on the part of her captain and the other crew members, otherwise charged with ensuring the safety and soundness of the ship, her cargo and passengers, at all time. No, we shouldn't!
The Captain and the crew are standing callously by while the ship is sinking. All that they care about is continuing to plunder the precious contents of the ship without giving a hoot about the human lives that risk imminent death.
Do we as collective discerning Ghanaians, continue to sit on our backside while the crew of the ship inflict such fatal wickedness on not only our colleagues aboard the ship, but also, her contents? No!
The ship is Ghana; the Captain is President Mahama and the other crew members are Ibrahim Mahama, Johnson Asiedu Nketiah, Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, Koku Anyidohu, Okudzeto Ablakwah, Alfred Agbesi Woyome, including the entirety of the members of the Mahama NDC-led government and the NDC gurus with their selfishly greedy, but shallow-minded, radio phone-in serial callers and communication team members.
For how long are Ghanaians going to talk without walking the talk while these mentioned myopic individuals ruin Ghana at such catastrophic crescendo? The more we talk without implementing practical measures to get rid of them from the helm of the nation's affairs, the more they will plunder the nation, taking all Ghanaians, excluding themselves, for BIG FOOLS.
Fellow Compatriots, should we wait until the end of year 2016 to chase them out; they will have squandered every available pesewa, plunged the nation in economic abyss and made Ghana bankrupt. This is the gospel truth. As we would not love to see the ship sink with all her precious cargo, all lives perished before attempting to rescue the ship and her contents, but would love saving it while there is still the chance, before the dreaded final disaster of total sinking takes place, then now is the right time to act.
Waiting for two years before any action to rescue Ghana takes place will be far too late to save anything. The audaciously uncaring rate, at which Mahama, Asantehene and their gang of the Ghanaian version of the Arabian "Alibaba and his forty thieves" are ransacking the coffers and the wealth of Ghana, is so worrying.
Ghanaians have no future should we sit, watch, and do nothing while these crooks swindle Ghana as though tomorrow never comes. We should not live to experience that bitter and most regrettable situational finger in the mouth, biting hard on it and saying, "Had I known" But which is always said to be at last.
In unity and collectivism, we win. In disunity and individualism, we lose. I have been playing my part by informing some international dignitaries and organizations of how Asantehene has been abusing his discretionary powers to perpetrate and perpetuate acts of corruption against Kumawuman. He is aware of my initiatives.
We can do the same thing about the captain and his crew. We have allowed them to intimidate us, steal from us, and underestimate our intelligence for far too long. We should not assume the world is already aware of the ongoing precarious situation in Ghana resulting from the brazen thievery and corruption in execution by President Mahama and his cronies. We have to complain to them about it.
Fellow Ghanaians, I pray that you cogitate about this letter that I have directly addressed to you. I mean the message I have conveyed to your attention today. May God help us gather courage to do what is right, and it should be now!
Lest I forget, the government and her cronies still take Ghanaians for big-time fools, else, the NDC with all their conspicuously obnoxious committal of thievery, corruption and propensity to practice selective justice with its attendant nonsensical "order from above" to compel court judges to twist the truth, will not be saying, they will win Election 2016 hands down.
If Ghanaians had not a short memory as alleged by President Mahama, there will not even be a "proverbial" chick (young bird) voting for President Mahama come 2016, let alone, him, winning the election.
Will you sell your conscience and right to vote for a pittance, a week's meal at the most (about GHc50), by parting with your voting card to the NDC and Mahama as some people did during Election 2012? Whoever sells his/her right to vote for such sum of money, or sells it at all, is such a big fool with a short memory as asserted by President Mahama? It is because of such exhibited characters by some of us that Mahama and the crooks within the NDC are so empowered to fearlessly carry on with their acts of corruption as though, there is no man with balls in Ghana to challenge their waywardness.
Fellow Ghanaians, let us set our minds free. Let us liberate ourselves from the shackles of slavery that have abstractly been wrapped around our legs, wrists and waists by the most corrupt government ever seen in the annals of Ghana politics.
Don't let us wait until the ship has completely sunk before we put in place structures to lift it from the deep waters or from the depths of the ocean floor. Today is the right time to save Ghana by rescuing her from these ardent political prostitutes who have no mercy for the poor. Like a hunter who does not know or cannot tell when a game (bush animal) is sick, but will surely kill them at any least opportunity, so are President Mahama, Asantehene, Ibrahim Mahama and their cronies when it comes to exploiting Ghanaians and raping mother Ghana.
Let us rise up to defend Ghana. The Security personnel have let us down; they are on the side of the government, despite all the government's obvious perpetration and perpetuation of ruinous corruption that is killing Ghana and Ghanaians at that astronomical rate.
"A word to the wise is sufficient"
Yours Sincerely,
Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson