Opinions Thu, 8 Jan 2015

An Open Letter to Nana Akufo Addo

Dear Nana Addo,

I am intuited to inform you of the underlying message of encouragement, direction and support. Be steadfast in your dreams, beliefs, aspirations and prayers. You are the God's designated servant upon whom is bestowed His favour to liberate Ghanaians from their current unprecedented, and also tormenting, socio-economic problems.

The Spirit of God is upon you as His anointed one, appointed to set the Ghanaian captives free from the socio-politico-economic bondage in which they inextricably find themselves under President John Dramani Mahama and the NDC party. Similarly as the biblical David and Joseph, were chosen by God to liberate their people from hardships in their time, so are you favourably tasked by God to do.

Your desire to be of service to your country and people is a calling. It does not arise from a mere wishful thinking emanating from greed or selfishness or personal ambition. It is God who has appointed you to serve that purpose; or else, the unnecessary malicious castigations, insults, and intentional defamation of character you are constantly subjected to, by your political opponents and saboteurs, would have daunted your aspirations to be of service to your country, people and humanity, long ago.

God knows your heart is clean; your intentions are spotless. You have never been corrupt and you shall never be. Your public service record is unblemished. You are dynamic, competent, and honest and have a demonstrable integrity. You always execute with perfection and dedication your public service duties. These appreciable qualities may be part of the greater good in you that have made God the Creator, appoint you, as His favourite one who is able to help Ghana out of her current dastardly man-made economic hardships.

Wherever one or two people have met in the name of God, He is there with them. In the same manner, wherever people gather themselves, the Evil one (Satan) and his agents are close by or hover around. This goes to suggest that within our NPP family, it is not everybody that wishes you well. This is a fact. Nonetheless, a means must be found to build bridges to the hearts of these saboteurs. You need to win them over, change their thinking towards you for the better. God is able to turn their malevolence towards you into blessings. Never relent in your efforts to unite all the NPP family members behind you. I shall support you in that direction in anyway deemed fit.

Your confidence in God, entrusting everything into His able hands through your most adorable, wholeheartedly self-surrendering philosophy, "The battle is the Lord's", will work wonders in your favour. You are not pursuing a selfish agenda of yours, but rather seeking the collective interests of Ghanaians. This makes you a darling in the eyes of God. You are well understood when we analyse your intentions, doings, and whatever else, in terms of the stipulations in the Bible at James 2:14-26 – "Faith without works is Dead".

To energise the faith through untiring works, I would suggest we get a dedicated team of about a dozen God-fearing, faithful and prayerful persons to form a Prayer Tower – prayer warriors, to quicken up the materialisation of God's plans for you, and for Ghana. These people will be given topics to prayer to God about. They will be quoted bible chapters and verses to form the basis of their daily supplications to God.

Not a multitude of people are needed but a few righteous ones whose prayers can reach up to heaven and into the ears of God. Find what transpires at Genesis 18, when God intended to destroy the city of Sodom because of the wickedness or sinfulness of its inhabitants. At Genesis 18:32 "And he said, Oh let not the Lord be angry, and I will speak yet but this once: Peradventure ten shall be found there. And he said, I will not destroy it for ten's sake". If a few as ten righteous people had been found in Sodom, God would not have permitted His angels to destroy the city. If we can get a same number of righteous persons into the prayer team, all shall be well with Nana and the suffering Ghanaian masses.

Other works - seeking to thwart Dr Kwadwo Afari Gyan's intransigence, colluding determination not to reform the electoral processes to ensure free and fair future elections, must vigorously be pursued.

Finally, I would like you to note that God works through people to guarantee the successful realisation of His promises to people. This is one of His many options to realising His promises made to people. Evidences abound in the bible to attest to my assertion. Subsequently, value and assess all proposals, putting them to test to ascertain whether or not they are credible and are able to contribute to achieving God's purposes and intents for you and for the entire Ghanaians.

I wish upon you God's abundant blessings. I pray He quickens to manifest His ultimate plans for you – seeing you at the presidency of Ghana. Amen.

I wish you and your family, your running mate Dr Bawumiah and his family, and all those wishing you success, a Happy New Year.

Yours Sincerely,

Rockson Adofo
Columnist: Adofo, Rockson