An interview with Julian Marley at Sfinks Festival, Belgium

Julian Marley And Joel Savage Julian Marley and Joel Savage

Wed, 3 Aug 2022 Source: Joel Savage

On Sunday, July 31, 2022, I had the good fortune to interview Julian Marley, thanks to Kobe Leestmans, the Artist production & communication, who granted me press credentials. I had ten minutes with a busy Julian; here are some excerpts:

Joel: Do you have any musical influences besides your father, Bob Marley?

Julian: I enjoy listening to all types of music, including ska and calypso. Jazz and the blues are two genres of music I enjoy listening to because I adore playing instruments.

Joel: Why did your father's renown increase when Jah called him to rest when many musicians saw their fame decline or are forgotten?

Julian: Please keep in mind that you just claimed that Jah called him to rest. That implies that Jah alone has the answer, not me.

Joel: Can you explain the persistent allegations that the Tosh family and the Marley family are at odds?

Julian: We are very connective.

Joel: The Marley family is loved by many nations throughout the world. Have you given many performances in African nations?

Julian: I have visited Ghana, Guinea, the Ivory Coast, Mauritius, a small island nation quite near Africa, and Seychelles in addition to my several trips to Ethiopia, Morocco, and South Africa.

Joel: What would you say your music is like?

Julian: It was inspiring, spiritual, and something from a higher realm.

Joel: Regards to the Marley family and thanks for granting me this interview.

Julian: That’s fine.

Columnist: Joel Savage