An open letter of apology to former President John D. Mahama

John Dramani Mahama 1 Former President of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama

Mon, 17 Jan 2022 Source: Iddrisu Abdul Hakeem

Dear former President John Dramani Mahama, I say doxology as it is almost certain that by the grace of God, the only thing in between you and the presidency of the Republic of Ghana come January 2025 is time. Insha Allah, may God, the almighty, grant you long life beyond that time with sound health, Sir. Amen.

Your Excellency, I do not even know where to begin with this letter. But I must alert you that its content makes it lengthier than George Washington William's 1890 Open letter to King Leopold II of Belgium on Congo: it is going to be a long letter. Unlike George Washington William's letter that discussed the recipient, daddy, please this letter discusses the writer, your son. It is about my seismic shift and a volte-face I exhibited due to witchcraft, to put it blatantly.

Your Excellency, in our local street parlance, it is said that a dog (bitch) never bites its puppy too hard to the degree of bone-crushing. Daddy, please, I think you might "bite" to crush the feeble bones of your "puppy" if you don't show mercy.

I respectfully write this letter of apology openly to you with trembling hands to ask for your pardon and forgiveness for the irksome and demon-inspired earlier open letter I wrote to you out of a big mistake and a complete accident that was fueled by demonic forces.

As a young man, one principle I always hold dear and try not to jettison and betray in my life is acceptance of responsibility on any occasion, unless I am simply not involved and responsible. I always accept responsibility.

Inasmuch as I own and accept every letter and word in that open letter, I must confess that it was not me in both body and spirit that penned it.

Every breath in me objected to it, but strange spiritual forces beyond my control coerced me to write and tormented me to publish it against all my entire being.

Your Excellency, it is the Ibos of Nigeria who say that no one can cover the moon from shining with their palm. Why should I attempt to cover the moon with my palm? Your stature is like that of the blue heaven: those who attempt to stain it by throwing dust into the sky will only have their faces stained instead.

What happened was that I sighted an article that was written by one of my intellectual godfathers, Dr Dele Momodu, CEO of Ovation Magazine, who doubles as a columnist on This Day newspaper. The article was a bit of advice to Goodluck Jonathan not to contest again.

After perusing that piece, I noticed this intense idea, suggestion, and whispers in my ears to write its replica in the case of Ghana. And obviously, you were the one the cap fitted who also lost political power in Ghana then. I first ignored those evil whispers. Later it became like an albatross around my neck to write it.

As if my whole survival was dependent on it. What I also noticed was that those suggestions and whispers became so intense that I could not read and understand anything I wanted to study for my academic work. Every book I opened seemed to contain only ideas for that evil open letter.

Finally, I capitulated and succumbed to the whispers and wrote it down. After I finished writing it, I noticed the whispers got unbearable, suggesting to me to send it for publication.

I ignored this last whisper, but it kept me getting more and more uncomfortable that eventually, I had to release it unedited with the hope and prayer that it might get rejected. But to my everlasting surprise and woes, it was published! What baffled me the most was when I sent it to you on Facebook, and you saw it!

Your Excellency, I know at this moment you must be as uncomfortable as though you are trying to get water from a dried well, but trust me, it is true that I was not myself when I wrote it. I just did not know that man has advanced in evil to that proportion.

A local preacher in Tamale, Afa Murali, often says that a Dogomba man does not know how to manufacture a TV remote, but he can spiritually render someone's leg to reduce to his hip without sickness". I could not imagine that my enemies had developed the clairvoyant ability to see the good that lay ahead of me and tried every means possible to stop it.

In simple terms, your Excellency, I wrote that piece due to a magic spell, and my tormentor (s) followed up to make sure that that evil letter went viral. It was not my fault, Your Excellency, that I forwarded that letter to you. Neither was it a calculated effort to write that piece in the first place. It was an evil I later discovered.

Your Excellency, you must have been aware in the land of my mothers up north that there's a particular magical charm mostly used by womanizers with which a lady could be slept with against her will. A version of this magical charm is also practised by many great hunters in the north who use it for hunting too smart and speedy animals like rabbits, antelopes among others, in the Savanna forests.

There are various forms of this magical charm, your Excellency. As someone from the north and a former "Tamale boy", I must not teach what the Dagombas call "Kabrai" and its likes to you, your Excellency.

A normal "Kaberai" could be made of a stick from mostly a "Zangurun-kpaa" (a stick from a type of thorny tree found in the north that is very hard to break); A black and red threads are usually its "pulley" tired to the stick that the magician pulls to cast a spell on someone by tying the threads around the stick.

While the magic practitioners tie this "knot", they mention what they want to be done. Depending on the severity or urgency of what the magician wants, it could be pulled or tied either once or more. Victims of this form of magic are usually aware of what they are doing, but they can't stop even though they hate what they are doing.

In some cases, if the magician over pulls or ties someone through the use of that charm, they can overdo what they want to do. For example, the magician may want to afflict the victim with only a headache but can end up killing the person. The good news is that it works only with the permission of God.

Furthermore, a typical "Kabrai" requires a fowl sacrifice to make it work effectively for the user. There are many types of them. In some cases, a bone either from animals or even humans is used in place of the stick, and the two threads become a chain.

The commonest "Kabrai" is that one used by many empty-pocketed womanizers to abuse women sexually against their will in villages. Mostly, it is used on women who are proving difficult to be approached by men. With that charm, such a difficult woman is exploited sexually against her will. Its simple operation is that the name of the said lady is mentioned while tying the "knots".

This serves as a command to the woman, magically. And often the man who is using this type of magic will command the woman to come and have sexual intercourse with him, or to just do anything – such as stripping off herself naked before the man so that he can quickly release her from the spell and shame her while she's still naked in front of him. People practice this wicked form of magic and abomination in villages in many parts of the world.

Once the magician or practitioner is done tying the lady with the "Kaberai", such a poor victim will abandon whatever she was doing and respond to this spiritual call, wherever she may be. Immediately she arrives, she is mounting the bed and mostly repeating the exact words the magician used when he was casting the spell. For example, if the magician had said, "it is so so and so lady I am tying this "kabrai" when you come to tell me, please have sex with me", the woman will say it upon arrival!

But immediately the man finishes with her, and the magic disappears from her system, she begins to regret every bit of her action. She can recall all that she said and did, and her spirit must have been against it, but she could not resist.

"Why did I come to his room in the first place?" would be her major question as she cries out of bitterness. She will only hate the man, but she can't complain because she gave herself to him, albeit against her will.

Again, there's another type of this evil charm that is often used by hunters in hunting very smart and speedy animals such as rabbits and antelopes, wild or bush guinea fowls, etc. In the case of hunters, who use this magical charm on animals, they often don't chase animals when everybody else is running after escaping animals to kill. Rather, such hunters position themselves where nobody's throw can hurt them to command to summon the escaping animal to come to them effortlessly!

I say an antelope is sighted during a hunting expedition; a practitioner of this form of "you" (the type of "Kabrai" for animals) will squat down somewhere and spiritually call on the animal to run to him! Usually, the animal will only regret its action upon arrival. It will then quickly attempt to run away, but it would have been too late for it to escape.

Your Excellency, this form of magic was what my enemy used on me that got me to write what both my body and soul did not agree to. I came back to my senses after it was published. I was irritated, dumbfounded, and dejected, but there was nothing I could do. So, I simply decided to own up and tried to develop theories (speculations) to explain that betrayal of friendship. Because it was unexplainable. I did not understand why I did that.

The pain was that if I had been truthful and just explained what exactly happened to me, perhaps I would have quickly arrested and contained the situation before it snowballed out of hand. But because it was quite ridiculous to admit that I was not myself, nor did I know someone was hunting me to that extent, I crafted possible reasons, speculations, and stories to explain it.

The reality is, I did not know the evil of men has advanced to this level even in the 21st century. I was naive. I could not also fathom that somebody I was eating and drinking with every time had already foreseen, through the practice of geomancy, how beneficial I was going to be to you and the accompanying greatness that will catapult me into, and decided to cast this evil magic spell upon me to ruin everything!

If I had stopped in my tracks and made a U-turn and continued to write in your favour and the National Democratic Party, NDC, everything was going to be fine till I finally discovered that witchcraft.

However, poor me, I decided to write more against you in self-defence! How did I envisage accomplishing that? I decided that I should portray my writings neutral and unbiased by writing more against you and the NDC to equalize those I wrote against the New Patriotic Party, NPP, so that if I later began to write for you again, it might be understood as a young man who was looking for a better political party to join and who has settled on the NDC after jabbing and at the same time praising both major political parties in the country. Wrong decision! I didn't realize the devil was still feeding me with these ruinous and poisonous ideas.

While I was busy retreating in my tracks, I was being very economical with the fact and speculative about this about-face to my political role models like Hon. Suhuyini on why I "joined" the NPP, which I never did. As far back as 2015, I had already had Dr Bawumia's contact. It was not his contact I had been given that changed my mind.

Meanwhile, another trouble was that I had both hated and loved ones in the NPP. Surprisingly, the very person I thought was a loved one in the NPP and because of whom I made certain audios to Dr Bawumia, asking him for forgiveness and telling other stewards of the NPP who confronted me about my constant lampooning of their party that I was writing for the attention of government, just to please him, was rather the very arch-enemy who plotted my mess in the first place.

Your Excellency, everyone has a skeleton in their cupboards: while I did all this, I never could imagine it may come to your attention that I had some talks with your opponents just to appease an enemy I mistook as a loved one.

Mine was to simply appease whoever accosted me about my writing for or against them to remain focused on executing my plan to recapture your trust for writing something I never intended to write. Nonetheless, it kept becoming a carcass of mess upon mess. Moreover, it never occurred to me that such a move is image denting and can put a huge question mark on my loyalty and integrity, which are the currencies of politics. For me, I just needed to prove to you my commitment and innocence but with a wrong plan.

Little did I know my enemies were behind it, fighting me tooth-and-nail, day and night while sending me on errands.

Your Excellency, there is no way you can verify this, but heaven knows that I have never voted for any presidential candidate! I like you naturally because you're an author, orator: a fine communicator, and a very handsome man you are. And all that was said of you turned out to be a very big lie. I feel your heartbeats from the "political persecution" then opposition subjected you to in the name of winning political power.

How did the enemy get exposed? Prayer. When my attention was drawn to the magical aspect of the problem, my intuition was very strong about one old man (in his 60 plus years) I had been suspecting to be the brainchild behind that evil and the enemy in my life.

What happened was that there's this special prayer against one's enemies in Islam that is recited immediately after the Friday congregational prayer. Among its procedures are that you will sit facing the direction of the "Qibla" (the direction Muslims face to pray) while reciting a certain chapter of the Holy Qur'an known as the Heart of the Qur'an.

When I began reciting that prayer, I noticed my elderly friend getting uncomfortable. He began stopping me any time I sat back to recite it under the guise that he was in a hurry. And because he's elderly, I usually complied. Then I changed another prayer against enmity taught by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in which the name of the enemy is mentioned at a certain point within the prayer as it is being recited.

Your Excellency, the first night I did the prayer and came to campus the following day, my elderly friend, to his everlasting shame, told me that I must be careful mentioning people's names in my prayer; otherwise, if they are powerful than me they can harm me the more! When he said that, I threw a punch in the air and said within me: bingo!

Later, out of fear of his warning, I began to hesitate to do the prayer, but something convinced me that I was only defending myself; hence there's no need to be afraid. He should do his worse, but I must never stop defending myself.

Daddy, the stroke that broke the camel's back finally and he got exposed as my open enemy who orchestrated the earlier magic came when under similar circumstance that led me to write you that first evil-directed letter, I recorded certain embarrassing audio about myself to Hon. Suhuyini as if I was at gunpoint! I mean some damning information nobody with a sense of shame would even talk to themselves about, let alone discuss it with someone. But I said it to someone I neither know from the maternal family side nor paternal family side! I did not know what came over me. I just realized that I was done.

What made the recording of that audio more pathetic was that I mentioned certain innocent names out of slip of tongue and couldn't get to correct them before the audio disappeared.

Your Excellency, the miracle was that the audio vanished and slip away from my hand all of a sudden. I later heard it being circulated among my colleagues who were mocking me and laughing while listening.

It was this second "Kabrai" I refused to let go and decided to pray, cry, and complain to my Maker to help me expose the enemy. I did not know it was my very close friend the enemy had been using to work against me in such a manner.

I also got to realize that they had been expecting that audio due to the magic spell he cast on me. Before the incident, my friend brought a "Sadaqa" (or Sarra) that was mainly red-red things, including 1 cedi note, pepper, and other red items to me to see.

He claimed that he found it on the streets of KUMASI and decided to bring it home. Your Excellency, I did not know that was the evil!

For those who don't know "Sarra", it is simply a charity in Islam. However, evil people use a form of it that is not meant for charity purposes but destruction! And such evil "Sarra" is usually not consumables but a mixture of weird things mostly dumped at crossroads or junctions and anthills.

This was after my KNUST Students' Parliament T-shirt got missing in a room I shared with only my friend, plus my shoes and Sim card that contained many big men's contacts, including Dr Bawumia, the MPs of Tamale, etc.

However, I noticed a sudden security beef up at my enemy's place, for I used to go and wash his clothes. This means those items of mine were in his custody, and he did not want me to see them perchance. He even started asking me to avoid places I used to mop always. And it was those "missing" personal items of mine: shoes and T-shirt and a sim card (I still cannot rub my brain around any idea why they took the Sim Card, too) that were what the enemy used to craft and cast that evil spell.

Therefore, your Excellency, this evil was simply orchestrated to snatch away what the enemy foresaw I might benefit from you because of jealousy.

Even though my Imam (Malam) told me the enemy had been fighting me since day one because of the qualities he has seen in me which neither his children nor himself have, his envy and enmity against me that led him to cast this magic spell is not farfetched.

I refused to be with his daughter he introduced to me, who is also a writer, for some special reason. He insanely wanted me to be with the daughter. As a result, he had taught me that the best day to propose to a woman is on Mondays and that if you want a woman as a wife, you first smile at her if you see her. So it was almost certain that I had gotten a wife just like that.

I asked him to give me his daughter's contact, a suggestion he happily declined and told me to find it myself. And I found the lady's contact on her Facebook wall online days later! Yes, it was arranged for me.

But I am the type of guy who doesn't hide behind the gimmicks of friendship with a lady when I want her as a wife. For me, if I admire a lady [and want her] to be the landlady of my loving soul, I simply accost her and tell her how I feel about her. I don't usually play a lion in goat's clothing type of approaching a lady: disguised as a friend. No.

So, immediately after I got the contact, I struck a conversation with her, and she was brilliant. Out of fear that I might lose her if I didn't make my intentions clear to her now, I proposed to her. My reason was that she could have also been in a different relationship. So the fact that the father was aware was not enough. I must hear from the horse's mouth.

However, I was taken aback by her very strong unmovable guards she seemed not ready to let down. She won't give in. I began getting emotional about it. So I decided to ask Allah's intervention so that she might accept my proposal.

Unfortunately or fortunately, to my surprise, I saw in a dream, and the father aborted her pregnancy when I did a special prayer to God asking for His intervention!

The special prayer I did is called "Istikhara" in Islam that every Muslim does in periods of dilemma, asking God to make a choice for you between two things or make something possible if it is good for you or distance you away from it if it is not.

I saw in a dream and some group of beings who were angels in the dream who I can't describe and who were not our concept of angels on earth, told me: "have you seen? She has been impregnated and the father aborted it, but you said you want a virgin as a wife".

Walahi, if this is cooked up or a lie, your Excellency, may God never forgive me and must burn me in hell forever! This was the dream I had. My convenient conclusion was then that God does not want us together. Therefore I quit seeing her. A move that infuriated the father, who is a well-known magician but claiming to be an Islamic scholar.

The father did everything possible to get me back to her, and I refused. Because I have never slept with any lady in my life in the real sense of the word, why would someone impregnate my woman?

I mistakenly, however, disclosed it to my frenemy when he asked me why I was no longer "chasing" the lady. I supposed my friend told him about my dream. Later on, my friend came to ask me when I applied to McGill University Canada, which one will I choose, between the university and the lady? I told him it was obvious: I would choose the university for my master's degree.

Twice in our conversation, the father told me point blank that I would lose everything if I didn't get to be with his daughter. But I was unperturbed because I believed God Himself did not want her to be my wife. A reason why I had that dream in the first place. And if God is with you, who can be against you?

Nevertheless, he carried on his evil and nefarious activities against me.

First, he took back the lady's old phone he gave to me when my phone developed a fault. Then through the agency of my friend, they brought that evil "Sarra" to be shown to me before they could work on it to harm me. And it seems I am losing everything, but I know God is trying me, He is in control.

Your Excellency, there is no way I could author a letter like that against you and even have the audacity to share it with you. It was like a joke; then I was later kind of compelled to send it for publication. Something I hated but did anyway. And that is what is called magic.

I, therefore, ask for your pardon, forgiveness, and mercy for this evil-inspired letter I wrote quite unaware of my real self, which led to subsequent ones.

As for the content of that letter, the time has come to your rescue.

Today, unless a man lives under a rock, everybody knows president Akufo Addo is synonymous with incompetence, and time has rendered Vice President Dr Bawumia gigantic bumps of jokes in the eyes of every Ghanaian for running the Ghanaian economy aground.

May God give you the heart to forgive me and all those who wronged you in one way or the other and yet ask for your forgiveness.

God bless you Sir, for your attention.

Columnist: Iddrisu Abdul Hakeem