An open letter to former Chief of Staff Julius Debrah on his 56th birthday

Julius Debrah3 Julius Debrah, former Chief of Staff under John Dramani Mahama

Mon, 25 Apr 2022 Source: Assibid Dauda

Dear Julius Kwasi Debrah,

Greetings from the mouthpiece of the gods of Binduri.

It is your 56th year of goodness to humanity on planet earth and still counting. I join the teeming members of our party in sharing the joyous occasion with your genius (Julius) self.

You have weathered many storms, withstood many trials, and stood the test of time in the midst of friends and foes. May GOD bless and grace you on your 56th Birthday; a prime day to celebrate you for the many lives you have touched, many destinies you have shaped and the quality leadership and mentorship you offered us through, through and through!

There are men with their names already in the sand of time, there are men whose impact can never be overemphasized; there are men who paid some dues that are difficult for many of us to comprehend. Doctor Jay, you are one of such men and on the list, you are on the top!

_To call you an enigma is an understatement!_

_Calling you an icon is a misnomer!_

_Call Julius a Colossus, you have not done justice to the essence of the gentleman in him!_

_Julius is in essence a force of nature, an idea whose time is fast approaching on whose mandate we shall stand._

_An idea that we are all going to propel to greater heights._

Sir, you are a patriot and statesman whose acumen and influence continue to resonate well around the NDC party, our country Ghana and beyond. You have written your name in gold by devoting your life to service and working tirelessly to secure President Mahama's victory in 2024.

Doctor Jay, your ability to identify, nurture and engage talents is unequalled. Your life has always been about human capital development; a visionary leader; humble, down to earth and generous. You are accommodating, patient, tolerant, and forgiving with a rare tenacity to persevere. Builder and lover of youth and all manner of people, progressive-minded, knowledgeable, master strategist, astute administrator, technocrat and a distinguished politician!

You spend 18 hours of your day attending to people; listening to their concerns; sorting out what is possible. This is evidenced in your resolve to respond to even a text message from ordinary people despite the volume of messages you may have been receiving on a daily basis. This is unlike big men!

You are a different Big man!

People like you come once in a lifetime.

Talk about your loyalty to JM and NDC and we certainly will not be able to finish describing you in one week!

*You are an epitome of undiluted LOYALTY!*

Thank you for all the scars inflicted on you for us, thank you for giving us men when you could have sought practical gain and ends, thank you for delivering JM from the teeth of jackals and hyenas, thank you for being our Doctor Jay!

Happy Birthday to the godfather of the ordinary footsoldiers, The Doctor Jay of NDC; the doyen of modern-day Politics; the compass; the SOURCE CODE!

May you live forever!


Your Humble godson

Assibid Dauda

(The Binduri Youth Activist)

Columnist: Assibid Dauda