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Are black people the most 'stupid' people on earth?

Are Black People The Most Stupid People On Earth Black business people are known to inflate the prices of their goods many times over

Sat, 1 Jan 2022 Source: Rockson Adofo

I am just asking if indeed, black people are the most stupid people ever to walk on the surface of the earth. If it is indeed proven so, then no matter how elevated your status is, and wherever you live or come from, as long as you are a black person, you are the most stupid person on earth.

You can be a president, a member of parliament, a traditional overlord, a religious leader, as long as you are a black person, you are the most stupid person compared to the other races of human beings on earth.

My experience acquired living in the white man’s land for nearly four decades, goes to tell how black people find it difficult to accept the truth that borders on their comparative inferiority to their white contemporaries. When an honest white man tells a black man the truth to their bare face, the black man starts jumping around like a boxer in the ring, about to throw a knockout blow, accusing the white man of racism. However, it is said that it hurts, to tell the truth, but in the end, it brings comfort.

Again, it is said that when you are at the bottom rung of the ladder and you deceive yourself by thinking you are on the top rung of the ladder, you cannot climb any further but climb down. It is only when you acknowledge the fact that you are at the bottom of everything, then have the aspirations to better the circumstances that you will decide to adopt all the credible strategies that can make you reach the height you anticipate.

Black people have been mocked and continue to be teased as irrational beings. Do we accuse our mockers? No; we shouldn’t!

By our selfish, myopic, and greedy quests that culminate in “all for me but nothing for you”, where black siblings from the same parents will not even want their other to prosper but him or her alone, is it not just right if somebody from the other race tells us we are the most stupid persons on earth?

Black business people are known to inflate the prices of their goods many times over. They want to get richer by selling one item. They don’t believe in the sale of volumes to make their money or profit. However, a white man, Asian or Chinese, may decide to sell their goods at little profits but in greater volumes to make their riches. No wonder black people patronise the stores and businesses of other people than their kind.

Is it right for us as black people not to buy from our fellow black people? No! Why can’t we be frank with ourselves to resolve the problems among us so that we can buy from our people for the money to stay within the black communities to help us prosper in the long run?

The other time it was the former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accusing black people of behaving irresponsibly hence ever remaining poor and becoming underdogs. Many are the white people that have come out to tell us the truth about how the collective irresponsible actions and inactions by black people are holding the black race down.

However, each time that such a truthful statement is made, it triggers the adrenaline in the black person to exhibit their temper tantrums in condemnation of the person from the other race as racist.

If our black politicians, being most stupid as the black person is, start to embezzle state funds and assets, you will find other black ordinary citizens supporting them. They support their corrupt actions for the fact of being from the same town, same tribe, or same political party. How stupid can you be if you consent to a single person misappropriating state resources based on the reasons just stated above?

Black people by their actions are the most stupid (STUPIDEST) race on earth.

In Ghana, we have a visionary leader who is determined to help bring Ghanaians out of our downtrodden state as human beings. However, we have other politicians from the NDC camp throwing dust into people’s eyes by the lies and populism to hold us down to our poverty and tag of stupidity.

Left to the NDC alone, Ghanaians should never become civilised but remain, ignoramuses, for them to exploit us to the hilt. And, as long as we give credence to their lies to influence us to support them, we shall always remain poor, most stupid, and be treated with disrespect and mocked by the other human races.

To be honest with me and fellow Ghanaians and black people, we are the most stupid race on earth. If it hurts us to know the truth, then we had better change our ways. Look at the pastors and prophets in Ghana, how corrupt and untruthful they are yet, people are following them in their multitude. That action by us is plain STUPIDITY, whether you like it or not!

I dedicate this publication to my fellow Asiampa compatriot, Kwaku Duah aka Fire, now residing in the United States of America for over four decades, for giving me something to write about when he forwarded the cited video to my WhatsApp page today, Thursday, 30 December 2021.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo