Ghana Must Learn to Think! To raise Intellectual Capital

Thu, 4 Dec 2014 Source: Dzordzordzi, Erik K.

By Erik K. Dzordzordzi Esq

“If a people’s collective thinking is not accomplishing their cherished dreams, repetition of the same kind of thinking will only reproduce more of the same non-accomplishment. What is needed is a change in thinking,”

The SCHOOL OF THINKING (SOT) is a program specifically designed to Introduce, Develop and Perfect the thinking skills and capacities of individuals, corporate executives and employees and the nation as a whole so that individually and collectively we can produce better answers to nagging questions and better innovative solutions to difficult problems.

This way, productivity can be radically improved, and we can progress from non-accomplishment to accomplishment and from accomplishment to greater accomplishment.

Self confidence, Self reliance, greater motivation and a surge in enthusiasm flow naturally from better thinking abilities and consequently better achievement. The impact on productivity can be revolutionary.

Yes, we can actually learn to improve the way we do everything around us many developed and developing countries are doing so today. The only way forward is to learn thinking as a subject within a whole society. Dr Michael Hewitt-Gleeson – a world renowned expert and coach in Leadership, Thinking, Innovation and Selling, Co-founder and Principal of the School of Thinking who also invented ‘Software for the your Brain’. It takes personal determination to gain anything of great value in anything of value.

One of our own scientists Philip Emeagwali of Nigeria said that ‘Intellectual Capital, not higher wages will eliminate poverty in Africa. If we all demand higher wages, we will end up paying the wages to ourselves. ‘Intellectual capital will result in the creation of new products derived from new technologies”.

Harmonizing all knowledge’s in any nation gives it an added advantage of raising its intellectual capital. The intellectual capital needed to produce products and services will lead to the path of poverty alleviation. Intellectual capital defined as the collective knowledge of the people increase productivity. The latter by driving economic growth alleviates poverty, always and everywhere, even in Ghana and Africa. Productivity is the engine that drives global economic growth.

There is abundant of evidences why we as a nation needs to adopt more proactive measures that will embraced a whole society. Today, we need something that can refine our thinking to bring the very best in us.

In the beginning of the year the President’s salary was increased together with the MP’s and Ministers. What did our leaders thought off all these more talks is going on and yet no serious approach is going on to harmonized our productive efforts collectively but the our leaders are doing their best to comfort themselves at the expenses of the future of the country by just increasing their own salaries.

Mr. President everything you may plan to do and achieve will come to zero if serious look are not observe with regards to all this facts on the ground. You need a great dose of courage and energy from your brain to move the nation forward it is not higher wages. Intellectual Capital will do. This is actually thinking out side the box you talk about early this year. We do have individuals who lack classroom education but they most of the time throughout history have created abundance of opportunities for others.

We need brain-power to move our nation together not appeals that is not working. Why? With the focus on intellectual capital development all our energies is on ability, innovation, leadership, thinking, observation and finally productivity will increase. Not on increasing fuel prices, increase utilities services like water, electricity and taxes. Lately we have withdrawers of Research Allowance for government Universities Professors and teacher trainee allowance etc.

These days they are even registering us in other to widen the tax net to see how much more they can make of the people with the excuse that many don’t pay taxes. But they pay indirect taxes whenever the increases just fuel prices and use the currency.

Intellectual capital is the key the only unique method, its cost effective. We can reduce cost of education, health, utilities bills etc. And the people will feel it and will be encourage to be more productive in the long run.

Those who advice us to increase cost of these services don’t want us to think and help ourselves.

Mr. President I did not intend to embarrass you but thought otherwise to be very frank. I believe our elders may have the solution to issues they seems to be addressing the peace.

Secondly, if my fairness to our elders has a greater sense of wisdom for an evolving system that is based on honesty which they have for sometime display in their pronouncements for some time now, then I stand to salute these statesmen.

Lately, the President of the Supreme Court Mr. Justice William Atuguba trialing the election petition. His Lordship’s comments gives so much food for thought and show the way forward if we are to take others into consideration and these shows how determine our elder steer us away from danger and even beyond. Least I forget the council of state also made a remark to the president recently in which they ask the president to be bold and courageous. The one who signed our current 4th republican constitution into law former President J.J. Rawlings came with “Power to the People” and to be honest it is the basis of our current democratic dispensations.

We can easily educate the current and next generation without extra classes and holiday classes and even reduces time spend in school to such a way that it may even look as if it is free.

If we only focus in giving a better way to educate a human being. We should involve parents to be active in educating there kids by so doing we get a whole society involve then only then can we have that courage to move forward. It should not be teacher’s job the cost will go down and less work for the teachers but a good pay in a growing economy with less cost of living down in the solution not increase this and that. A stream cannot rise above it source.

But the president needs a very great national security that knows what it means to be honest and duty to humanity and a sense of value not base on money but what it really mean to be human I mean selfless. But no one can be selfless if we always increase and raise cost of living.

But forgetting that just a few enjoy greater privileges like free fuel, free water at home , free electricity, free phone calls, free toll gates even coffee at the office are all free and even baby’s diapers. We should look at what at what the leaders enjoy free and look also at what the business people pay in taxes because they do not have any free things. We need honest with the realities not cover-up facts. Last point of view, can there ever is a better value system that will come about that focus on our own human abilities than relying solely on foreign aid as a policy. What we face today is system failure and the corruption that is destroying our country.

The future revolution is embedded in the power to the people. An individual need not less than 5 to 10years consistent search, study and real time observation to hue out the knowledge necessarily for a man to create value and be productive. The future revolution will be Honesty Revolution for I think humanity has pass the information revolution a decades ago and even at the middle of the knowledge revolution already. For nature abhors the weakly.

Entrepreneurs have been strong pillars for human civilization they will do so if there is enough freer society. You will see our scientist brazing up to create value for society. Not increase in petrol price, water, electricity, not increase and widen the tax net economist, with just some excuses that many people don’t pay taxes that are true fact any way they will contribute in many ways than the taxes..

What government seems to be promoting business as if they are doing the business people a favor whilst making it difficult for individuals to create businesses. Taxes are high cost of utilities services are high, cost of doing business is very expensive that it cost cheaper to even import foreign goods that can create jobs here than to produce them here. Where is the honesty, the policy to screw the people?

Let save our world by consciously by learning how to think. I am standing by to help you travel on an incredible journey of personal evolution to re-create your self. I made mine digital in the process! It’s a small group of individuals who want to evolve their thinking to become thinkers. It’s quite an amazing experience for you to use both sides of your brain and bypass mind control that prevents us from being free. Extend your love and views. Thank you.

The writer is the Publisher of Entrepreneur magazine, SISOT member at the School Of Thinking both in Australia and USA, A Self-taught Cognitive Scientist, Lateral Thinking. For all your comments or further enquires please sent your email to metaconsult@hotmail.com or by post to P.O. Box KA30508, Accra. 0262281500 My Blog http://erikkdzordzordziesq.wordpress.com

Philip Emeagwali

Columnist: Dzordzordzi, Erik K.