Opinions Tue, 10 Jul 2012

Are you cheap in the Eyes of your Ghanaian friends?

Friends in need are friends indeed. How many Ghanaians could you honestly rely on, count on as true friends? Are you sure they will be there for you in an event of trouble or in times of your great need?

You don’t know what you’ve got until you lose it. I direct this saying at those Ghanaians who interpret one’s true friendship that comes at no cost to them to be the person’s stupidity. Do these same people not take one’s leniency towards them as the person’s weakness? What kind of human society we are living in.

Human beings are very unpredictable but certain Ghanaian mentality is irresistibly incomprehensible. I wonder why they find it difficult to appreciate the value of friendship and or services that come to them at no cost. The fact that something is free or cheap does not mean it should not be valued. Contrarily, most Ghanaians do not accord free things much respect. Another thing I have observed with much concern is the conduct of Ghanaian friends; the bizarre way they relate to one another – “gyimi na me ne won nnsere”. In a friendship of two or more persons, the one that shows most affection is assumed by the others to be the most stupid one among them. Such a person is underestimated by his colleagues; he is taken for absolute fool.

Much as I deplore this untoward behaviour of some Ghanaians, I will in the same vein advise those who feel “used and neglected” to wise up. Start withdrawing your free services. Start re-examining your friendship through re-adjustments of character, association etc. Do not cheapen yourself. Don’t let yourself be seen as a cheap person that anyone can use and dump as and when they want.

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See you soon. Learn from my advice. For how long will you remain a fool in the eyes of your friends who do not value you? They will realise how valuable you are or have been once you bid adieu to them.

Rockson Adofo
Columnist: Adofo, Rockson