Homosexuality and sexual violence

Mon, 5 Aug 2013 Source: Kofi of Africa

T O F I A K W A!: homosexuality and sexual violence



I recently wrote about how Mzbel sexualises Children in her videos. Today I wish to talk about, Homosexuality and Sexual Violence (3b OF 6). I have reviewed views I express prior to Pres. Mills' bold decision on November 2nd 2011, rejecting British Prime Minister (PM) David Cameron's call on Ghana and other African countries to legalise homosexuality.

The Chronicle (Accra, Ghana) credited a BBC source saying that, at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Perth, Australia, PM Cameron said those receiving UK aid should "adhere to proper human rights," and that "British aid should have more strings attached."

At that time Pres. Mills, according to myjoyonline.com, said, "I, as President of this nation, will never initiate or support any attempt to legalise homosexuality in Ghana...No one can deny Prime Minister Cameron his right to make policies, take initiatives, or make statements that reflect his societal norms and ideals, but he does not have the right to direct other sovereign nations as to what they should do, especially, where their societal norms and ideals are different from those which exist in the Prime Minister's society..."

"...Let me also say that while we acknowledge all the financial assistance, and the aid which has been given to us by our developmental partners, we will not accept any aid with strings attached, if that aid will not inure to our interest, or the implementation or utilisation of that aid." (Ghana: Mills Talks Tough On Gay and Lesbianism 'Nonsense', Stephen Odoi-Larbi, The Chronicle, 3 November 2011, http://allafrica.com/stories/201111040597.html).

Like heterosexual crimes, homosexual crimes are the most despicable of all crimes, because they ultimately unleash unimaginable forms of physical and psychological violence on the victim. The combined effect of this physical and psychological violence on the victim can be everlasting.

While grandfather Osei Owusu symbolises the face of paedophilia in primary schools, recent marked increases in homosexuality in Ghana has been linked to increases in sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), prostitution and attacks against teenage boys.

In June 2011, Dr. Ronald Sowah, Coordinator for HIV/AIDS in the Western Region, cautioned against the careless proliferation in homosexuality there linking it to health risks. He said two thousand people had officially been registered as homosexuals in the region,

"With the influx of people streaming into the region such as refugees and expatriates, increased sexual activities could double the number of people infected with HIV/AIDS, Gonorrhoea, Syphilis and other diseases...". He added, " What makes it more dangerous is when the gay man is a bisexual; he infects his partner and carries it to his wife." (Myjoyonline.com, 03/6/11, http://www.modernghana.com/columnnews/332198/1/alert-health-risks-in-western-region-set.html).

On 15 September 2011, Dr Awoonor-Williams, Upper East Regional Director of Health Services, Ghana, said in an address to a regional HIV and AIDS conference in Bolgatanga on the theme, Reducing HIV Prevalence rate and mitigating its effects: the role of stakeholders, a National Sentinel Survey in 2010 indicated an, "unprecedented increase of the disease in Region, with a prevalence rate of 2.4 per cent as compared to the national average rate of 1.4 per cent".

He said the most affected areas were, Bolgatanga, Bawku Municipalities and Kassena Nankana East District. The core component of interventions in the Region were, "Testing and counselling, prevention of mother to child transmission of the virus, Anti-Retro-viral Therapy, Sexually Transmitted Infections Management, Behavioural Change communication and targeted risk reduction programmes. (HIV and AIDS spreading in upper East Region, Ghanaweb,General News, 15 September 2011 http://www.ghanaweb.com/GhanaHomePage/NewsArchive/artikel.php?ID=218906).

The recent surge in the numbers of male and female homosexual campaign groups and individuals in Ghana is real. Increasingly they are gaining visibility in core areas of Ghanaian social and cultural activity. It is now not unusual to observe them kissing openly, or even clutching children, foster-an-African-baby style, in erstwhile socially and culturally conservative communities.

News of homosexual violence is depressing and most traumatising to its victims. Ghana News Agency (GNA) reported that an Accra Circuit Court remanded into Police custody a 46-year-old Ghanaian trader, Augustine Oteng for allegedly sodomising a 16-year-old boy (GNA, Crime & Punishment, 10/6/11, file: //localhost/F:/Mi%20Dia/My%20Articles/Court%20remands%20trader%20for%20sodomy%20%20Crime%20&%20Punishment%202011-06-10.mht).

Arthur Panyin, a mathematics teacher was reported by Ghanaweb (Feature Article, Monday, 13 June 2011) to have preyed on teenage students at both St Augustine and Adisadal Secondary schools:

"Somewhere in the middle of 2010, the sodomy case came up when a student refused to attend a class with the guy in his house. A concerned tutor asked the student why he refused free tuition from the guy and that when the student revealed what he had been doing to some of the students. The tutor reported the incident to the Senior Housemaster and he in turn reported to the headmaster but no action was taken or the headmaster tried to shelve the issue until one of the victims got ill and the doctor detected the cause". (file://localhost/F:/Mi%20Dia/My%20Articles/Sodomy%20%20Feature%20Article%202011-06-13.mht).

The highest profile case of paedophilia by foreigners ended when US citizen, Patrick Kent Labash, a 65-year-old retired teacher, was convicted on his own plea for raping seven children, at Adjomankope, Dangme East District, Tema. GNA reported that Labash was sentenced by the Tema Circuit Court A, to 25 years imprisonment, with hard labour for defilement:

"Giving the ruling, the presiding judge [Mrs Lorinda Owusu] said all the eight victims comprising minors between three and 12 years, corroborated the facts given by the prosecution. Mrs Owusu said in her evidence, one of the victims, a three-year-old girl, said "The convict asked me to suck his manhood, which I did after which he gave me GHp20.00, and toffee, and watched movies. I have done that on four occasions...".

"...Mrs Owusu added that the convict, who did not call any witness, claimed the pornographic pictures of his activities, which were retrieved from his computer laptop, were not real, because he created them out of his imagination. The judge noted that a court photographic expert, however, confirmed that the pictures were genuine, adding that the tattoo she saw on the hand of the faceless whiteman in the pornographic recordings, was the same one on Labash's left hand...".

"...She expressed disgust at the offence committed by the paedophile, saying, "The victims are young to be your grandchildren and you defiled them in a disgusting manner. The offence is against public morality and society frowns on it, our courts will descend greatly on perpetrators of such acts," she added. Mrs Owusu said the sentence "should serve as a deterrent to foreigners who think they can hide in third world countries and exploit innocent children through such acts".(http://www.modernghana.com/news/243766/1/american-paedophiles-case-judgment-today.html).

Predictably, this carefree behaviour attracted onto homosexuals in Ghana widespread public condemnation. Some individuals, church groups, prominent politicians, medical doctors and journalists angrily criticised the new-found assertiveness of homosexuals. Most news reports and feature articles on homosexuality have been hostile.

After Pres. Mills' rejection of homosexuality in Ghana, only a handful of anonymous individuals and ardent human rights groups still venture to defend it. Chief among them is Nana Oye Lithur, the new NDC Minister for Gender, Children and Social Protection. Even she became the minister designate was assailed by church groups. A group calling itself Concerned Clergymen said she was not morally qualified to by a minister. Her philosophy about homosexuality was contrary to Ghana’s societal norms and values, therefore she must be rejected by parliament:

“Nana Oye has not convinced us; she is not a patriotic citizen. We need better people with better morals to build a Better Ghana…Some of these human rights advocates they don’t speak out of love; they speak out of passion and pride.” (Nana Oye Lithur lack morals to be a Minister - Concerned Clergymen, Myjoyonline.com, Adwoa Gyasiwaa, January 31, 2013).

Wheeled before Parliament’s Appointment Committee Nana Oye answered a question on her take on homosexuality thus: “I have not said anywhere that I will promote homosexuality. What I have said is to protect the human rights of everybody”. (I will not promote homosexuality in Ghana - Nana Oye Lithur, ON 30 JANUARY 2013, http://graphic.com.gh/General-News/i-will-not-promote-homosexuality-in-ghana-nana-oye-lithur.html). Shesaiud the issue of whether Ghana should accept homosexuality was a societal issue, which ought to be debated and decided upon by the society.

Also selection of lawyers, Internet-based 'gay' sites and local human rights groups openly defended the rights of homosexuals to free association and lifestyle in Ghana. Prior to Pres. Mills' statement, the protagonists were distinct. On one side was arraigned individuals, local human rights advocacy groups, Western-sponsored local campaign groups, Internet-based 'gay' prostitution sites and well organised, resourced Western-based 'gay pride' outfits. They collectively protested in bold headline news - as happened to Zimbabwe, Uganda and Kenya - against the anti-homosexual furore in Ghana. They accused their critics of "homophobia", "persecution" and of flaunting United Nation (UN) laws on human rights and sexual freedoms.

Conversely, the opposition argued on cultural, moral and medical grounds. They warned of strategic attempts by the West-sponsored homosexual community to politically polarise the issue along West-good-Africa-bad lines. They claimed this will gain them the awesome political and economic power and authority of their national governments, helping them to culturally swamp Ghana and Africa with their perverted homosexual lifestyles. They were right. On Sept. 11, Hillary Clinton receiving the Roosevelt Institute Four Freedoms Award said,

"[We] must condemn violence based on sexual orientation and gender identity. In country after country after country, young men and women are persecuted, are singled out, even murdered in cold blood, because of who they love or just based on claims that they are gay. We are starting to track violence against the LGBT community, because where it happens anywhere in the world, the United States must speak out against it and work for its end". (http://www.akawilliam.com/hillary-clinton-u-s-will-fight-homophobia-worldwide).

In September 2011 the Ghana government hurriedly extended political recognition to the NATO-sponsored National Transitional Council (NTC), terrorist 'government' in Libya, "On Friday Ghana declared it extends “diplomatic recognition” to the NATO-led rebels’ National Transitional Council (NTC) as “the legitimate ruling authority” of Libya". In a statement the Ghana’s Deputy Minister of Information, Mr Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, said the government has taken the decision because of “the political and security situation in Libya”. African Union member states were livid. Observers have called this pro-NATO appeasement.

(Ghana: Another African country recognizes the NATO-led rebels as Libya’s government, Eccleza.net, 2011/09/10, http://eccleza.net/2011/09/10/ghana-another-country-added-to-the-wall-of-rebel-recognizing-shame/; also see: Sixty-sixth General Assembly Plenary 2nd Meeting: http://www.un.org/News/Press/docs/2011/ga11137.doc.htm).

Meanwhile Pres. Mahama has to date been geo-politically tepid and acquiescent. Ghana experiences burgeoning international debts, domestic inflation and recent foments: demonstrations against fuel price increases, uproar against increased political corruption (such as the current so-called "Woyomegate" - allegations of GC58 million being wrongly paid to a business man).

With pervasive, abject, poverty in Ghana (expressed in high social, economic crimes) the besieged president failed to wrench control of Ghana's key export sectors from the strangulation of Western Transnational Corporations (TNCs).


There is limited latitude in this essay to do exhaustive analysis on the rights and wrongs of homosexuality. However, it is important to pose a number of questions that will refocus us to the methodology stated at the unset of this essay. 1) Has the rise in homosexuality corrupted or threatened to corrupt Ghana's children? 2) Has it spread or threaten to spread HIV/AIDS and related STDs like, Herpes, syphilis, gonorrhoea, hepatitis? 3) Importantly, does the surge in homosexuality affect Ghana's development? All other questions are extraneous - outside the framework of this essay.

First, has the rise in homosexuality corrupted or threatened to corrupt Ghana's children? If his observations are accurate Pan African News Agency(PANA) columnist, Sakzeesi Camillus Maalneriba-Tia best measures the link between homosexuality and paedophilia in Ghana. In a lengthy feature article titled, Homosexuality in Ghana - An Under-Estimation of A Myth Or Reality? (PANA, 10/8/11), he states that he had observed under-aged boys in a cyber cafés in Tema:

"These children, whose engagement could be considered paedophilia acts, have boy or man friends (LOVERS) who they kiss behind the screens with amorous statements such as “I LOVE YOU – KISS”. These kisses then graduate to monitory demands to their clients at the other ends of the conversation. Sometimes, as late as 1.00am, a particular cafe in Tema, still operates and one can see children at tender ages still stack to their sits [stuck to their seats] and doing their own ‘things’ at such cafes...Our children, who have developed ‘wild’ appetite for money at their teens, will also graduate from paedophilic adventurism, to fully fledged and matured gays...". (http://www.ghanaweb.com/GhanaHomePage/NewsArchive/artikel.php?ID=215896).

In his article (Modern Ghana 8/1/11), Homosexuality In Ghana: An Increasing Growth in Numbers, Stephen Atta Owusu attempted to gauge public perception of how homosexuality may started in Ghana. He said in the 1970s international workers and missionaries flooded Ghana. Homosexuals among them corrupted innocent boys with gifts, money and promises to send them to abroad. He added:

"This was one of the ways they used to have anal intercourse with the innocent boys. This continued and most of them became addicted to it. These children kept quiet over this for a very long time. Most students began to confess when a Peace Corp volunteer was deported from Ghana for wounding the anal cavity of a young student...Many Ghanaians went abroad and returned as homosexuals. Many also went to prison and indulged in gay habits which became habitual, and followed them even after their release from prison".(http://www.modernghana.com/news/311207/1/homosexuality-in-ghana-an-increasing-growth-in-num.html).

I can collaborate Maalneriba-Tia's statement above. On a routine browse through the search history on a computer at a cyber cafe near Kotokoraba Market, Cape Coast, I saw an extensive record of foreign homosexual site searches. Quickly checking the age group of the clientèle in the room, I observed they were largely under-age children. Querying the manager about this, he argued simply that he could not assess the age or sexuality of users.

The manager's excuse reflects the Ghana government's fudged guidelines on the exposure of under-aged children to information or images of a sexual nature on the Internet and multimedia. This is alarmingly puzzling in a country so rife with a phenomenon called 'Sakawa'. Unemployed youngsters (male and female) frequent cyber-cafés to exchange text, still pictures and video pornographic images of themselves with homosexuals abroad. They are then posted money in foreign exchange ranging from US$50 upwards.

I have heard and read enough about the repugnant exposure of our children to sexual harm to believe some of the more reasonable points raised by opponents to the surge in homosexuality in Ghana. The prostitution or corruption of our children by both local and foreign-based homosexual and heterosexual people is repugnant. It must be vehemently opposed.

The second question: Has it spread or threaten to spread HIV/AIDS and related Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) like Herpes, hepatitis, etc? The best way to answer this question is to examine the scanty data on the health risk homosexuality poses in Ghana. This is clearly because homosexuality as a historically know social practice in Ghana has only recently attracted concerted interest in the media. Ghanaians react best in crisis conditions when the horses have already bolted.

Third and most important question: In what ways does the surge in homosexuality affect Ghana's development? Suggestions for this question is best discoursed within a meta-critical - comprehensive and interdisciplinary evaluation - of all issues discoursed in this essay. I feel it is wiser to leave this to the end.

To answer these questions we need to examine the soft underbelly of the surge in homosexuality in Ghana, by examining data. Are there subterranean, perverted, selfish, sodomite designs behind the sudden surge? Is Ghana undergoing a slow cultural retrogression? Is it being painfully taken for a ride and culturally recolonised through the backside?


The closest data that links homosexuality and the spread of disease is tucked into the remote recesses of a study colloquially sub-titled, "Men who have sex with men (MSM)". (Ghana, HIV/AIDS Epidemiology and Response Synthesis, pp12, November 2008, by Ghana AIDS Commission, http://www.ghanaids.gov.gh/gac/publications/viewdoc.php?docID=101; http://www.ghanaids.gov.gh/gac/publications/viewdoc.php?docID=229).

The study was carried among MSM in Accra by SHARP/ASAID in 2006. It indicated a 25% high HIV prevalence and a high potential for transmission. 61% were bisexual, 66% paid for sex with men, 31% paid for or sold sex to women; only 48% used condom. The study team was alarmed by the revelation that, "annal sex is not as risky as vaginal sex for HIV transmission. A second study, carried by the University of Ghana, 2004, showed 19% prevalence of HIV/hepatitis among prison inmates.

Back to the above questions. One does not need to sniff too far to pick the mating scent of Western homosexual adventurism in Ghana. The following quote is taken from a typical homosexual Internet prostitution site that forages for Western homosexuals to:

"Meet a (potential) lover or gay guide in a foreign country". It states knowingly that," No other country in Africa has so many boys and men looking for a partner on Outpersonals with picture (often naked) than Ghana". It gives valuable information about contacts and cautions potential homosexual punters to avoid certain communities.

"Dating sites are the most frequently used ways to meet a (potential) lover or gay guide in a foreign country. At sites like 'Outpersonals' or 'Gaydar' you will find that Ghana is the country in Africa with the most registered hopefuls. No other country in Africa has so many boys and men looking for a partner on "Outpersonals" with picture (often naked) than Ghana. Does this mean Ghana is the Gay paradise in Africa? No...! It may mean that there are plenty young men desperate enough to seek greener pastures elsewhere, whilst developed enough to have access to the Internet and a digital camera".

"Many of the men and boys you see on these sites are not even gay or bisexual. Some just pretend to be gay and will have sex for the money. Others are just "on-line gay", that is, they will tell you hot sexy stories after which they will ask for your financial support (need a phone to call you, mother sick, brother died etc.). Once you arrive they will vanish in thin air, the name and address they give are fake. Often the pictures are fake too. They copied it somewhere from the net".

"But that is not even the worst form: The next category are the ones who will meet you and maybe even have sex with you, which will then be interrupted by a "policeman" knocking on your hotel room door. Blackmail is for some a quicker way to get the cash they're after. Sometimes the policeman is a fraud but sometimes even the police is actually involved. Corrupt policemen are just part of the extortion plot. If you don't cough up the money, you will land in prison. And the embarrassment of the story in the newspapers".

"After all, gay sex is considered illegal in Ghana under the "unnatural carnal knowledge" phrase (see the page on Gay rights are human rights). Especially watch out for Christian Village (Achimota): this has realy become a no-go zone. Very dangerous. Also see the fakers2go website on this (also see links below)". (http://www.gayghana.org/page/Gay+visitors+to+Ghana).

(Also see: http://www.gayghana.org/news; http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-14250170;http://www.modernghana.com/news/333922/1/why-homosexuality-should-be-outlawed-in-ghana.html; http://www.starobserver.com.au/news/2011/07/21/ghana-cracks-down-on-gays/57436;http://www.starobserver.com.au/news/2011/07/21/ghana-cracks-down-on-gays/57436; http://af.reuters.com/article/topNews/idAFJOE76L0KR20110722).Also see: (file://localhost/F:/Mi%20Dia/My%20Articles/Gay%20concerns,%20bloody%20accident%20played%20up%20by%20Ghanaian%20media%20_%20General%20News%202011-06-04.mht); General News of Saturday, 4 June 2011, PANA, Gay Concerns, bloody accident played up by Ghanaian media).


This essay part Upsurge in Homosexuality and Sexual Violence (under the sub-heading: The media and Sexual Violence), has quoted and discoursed media-based news reports and discourses on the impact of homosexuality on sexual crime in Ghana.

From the above data and textual criticism, it is clear that there is direct relationship between the spread of homosexuality and possible increases in HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). It is obvious that the surge in homosexuality is likely to compound levels of existing heterosexual diseases.

This revelation will have serious ramifications for Ghana's development. The impact of diseases and their management will place immense pressures on the disbursement of crucial funds and resources earmarked for Ghana's economic, social (public health management) and cultural development.

However, I reject the mostly religious arguments, that homosexuals should be persecuted in Ghana. Their arguments are unsustainable for many reasons. Matured people have a human right to do what they want to do sexually in private. It will be very difficult to effectively police this. Ghana is a signatory to all UN laws on human rights, including laws on sexual freedoms. It is unlikely the current Ghana government or succeeding ones will take a unilateral position against these UN laws. From the conflicting interpretation of Ghana's current law on homosexuality, I believe homosexuals are already beginning to sniff their freedom.

I must admit here that Pres. Mill’s famous ruling against legalising homosexuality in Ghana referred above, "I, as President of this nation, will never initiate or support any attempt to legalise homosexuality in Ghana", surprised not just myself but many analysts. It was very out-of-character from the normally meek and ponderous president. However, I believe it will be short-lived. I am afraid homosexuality is already prevalent in Ghana. I believe it is currently operating more covertly. The key is for the authorities to put in place effective measures to monitor and effectively prevent homosexual paedophilia. I have offered recommendations below.

Sakawa paedophilia, homosexual and heterosexual prostitution, operate visibly and noisily in Accra's Soldier Bar, Nkrumah Circle and in many night spots in Ghana's major cities. Our governments (PNDC, NDC, NPP then NDC again) have blindfolded themselves, in the last thirty years, with the moral and fiscal portcullis of inaction to solve the root causes of the above problem: poverty and ignorance.

The effect of their head-in-the sand approaches, as I have stated above, is that the chicken of prevalent homosexuality and other crimes, are already roosting in the form of vestiges of: 'Sakawa' homosexuality on the Internet, paedophile-induced boy-child prostitution, abject poverty and ignorance, proliferate armed robbery and street violence.

Homosexual opportunists are merely reaping the bumper harvest from the years of political incompetence. But what a rather shameful state of affairs when Ghana has the freedom on earth to seize the time to do the right thing.

The Ghana government is better advised to concentrate on nationalising the commanding heights of Ghana's economy - gold, oil, diamonds, bauxite, cocoa, etc., to released needed funds to solve Ghana's manifold problems that emanate from poverty. It must not waste valuable time trying to buck the UN's human rights laws or engaging in wasteful human-rights litigation.

The launching of an ambitious industrialisation and modernisation programme, funded from the nationalisation of Ghana's key industrial and commodity export sectors, and the full mobilisation of the intellectual and physical labour of all Ghanaians, will massively reverse sexual and other forms of corruption in Ghana/Africa.

Why? Will good political leadership find it too dangerous or impossible to nationalise Ghana's key export sector in order to generate needed foreign exchange to address the above challenges? Let us look at nationalisation on a practical, personal level. If your family and you are dying of starvation while a rich bully is encroaching on your legacy of rich fruitful land, will you take back your land or placidly roll over and die?

Yes, it is obvious nationalisation is the sanest thing to contemplate, if the choice is die or live to build hope and a modern nation state. What are we waiting for? Another Nkrumah? We may as well...


Although I do not agree with some of his reasoning, Maalneriba-Tia makes some useful recommendations to conclude this seam:

"1. There ought to be a legislative instrument that bans internet cafes to make sure that all pornographic sites are blocked-out from their systems. 2. That cafe owners must ensure that they monitor teenagers who patronise their facilities to make sure that they don’t go to sites that could promote internet cafes to make sure that all pornographic sites are blocked-out from their systems".

"2. That café owners must ensure that they monitor teenagers who patronise their facilities to make sure that they don't go to sites that could promote and trigger their sexual orientation. They should also regulate time for teenagers visits".

"3. Parents must make sure they monitor their children/wards by knowing where they go and what they do. They are also encouraged to normally visit internet cafés near their vicinities to observe what children are doing in there".

"4. Plain cloths security personnel should from time to time be visiting internet cafés in their catchment areas at odd hours to make sure children are not there at such times. Café owners should be arrested, if children are in their facilities at such odd hours".(http://www.ghanaweb.com/GhanaHomePage/NewsArchive/artikel.php?ID=215896).

I want to make additions to Maalneriba-Tia 's recommendations. Ghana must tighten its laws on the exposure and effects of multimedia - TVs, DVDs, videos, camera mobile phones. It can find the technology to block or prevent erring companies from doing business in Ghana.

We can negotiate or block Internet search engine and provider companies such as: Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, etc who allow paedophilia and under-aged prostitution.

There should be strict licensing laws to regulate the operation of Internet Cafés. Only adults of voting age should be allowed after 18.00 hrs, on provision of their voting cards (if of doubtful age). Children should only be able to use Internet cafes after school hours and on weekends from 10hrs-18hrs.

The onus is on parents and cafe owners to ensure that 60% of Internet use by children is on school work. The government can assist in this by funding the provision of community libraries all over Ghana that are fitted with broadband Internet capability. This should be done as part of a school-community- library and Continuing Education Project (CEP), to launch children into the cyber world of discovery learning.

There should be a state-sponsored educational campaign in all Ghanaian media against the dangers of 'Sakawa' paedophilia and child prostitution (male and female).

The government can create jobs for local-based civilian wardens to police these cafés on part-salary-part-commission. This will ensure the work is done diligently.

All homosexual and heterosexual prostitution Internet sites, cyber cafés and pornographic establishment must be re-licensed. The re-licensing process must commit them to signing a legally binding undertaking. This must specify regulations debarring child prostitution and the penalties they will face if they falter.

All these establishments must boldly display sexual anti corruption posters. The posters must include images of the the condition of the harshest prisons in Ghana.

Ghana must collaborate with Interpol, Scotland Yard, FBI and other prominent international law enforcement agencies, to share security data on paedophiles.

Other such agencies are, the National Crime Squad (NCS), UK. Recently they successfully bust an international paedophile ring. The 19 countries where warrants were executed are: Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Turkey, the UK and the United States. Visa applications from citizens of these countries should be checked against Interpol's paedophile and sex offender register prior to issuance.(http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-86679/Global-swoop-suspected-paedophiles.html).

The Ghana police and BNI should investigate all sex and sexuality sites in Ghana. A cursory look at the text of such sites I researched, as part of this essay, shows clearly that they are involved in prostitution of minors in Ghana. The following www links, below and above, will give a lot of valuable information on anti-paedophile busting operations all over the world:

(http://www.thehagueonline.com/headlines/2011-03-18/europol-leads-more-anti-pedophile-operations. Cyber Criminals Most Wanted: http://www.ccmostwanted.com/report/report3.htm. Publicity and Media Media referrals:http://www.supportline.org.uk/media/mediaReferrals.php. UK Police Anti Paedophile Website: http://www.silicon.com/technology/networks/2005/01/27/uk-police-set-up-anti-paedophile-website-39127401/. Anti Paedophile Police Copter crashes: http://arthurzbygniew.blogspot.com/2008/11/anti-paedophile-police-copter-crashes.html).

There should be an agreement between Ghana and the above mentioned foreign countries whose citizens have been involved in paedophile rings (especially in the West), that paedophiles that are convicted in Ghana will serve their full sentences without reprieve, with hard labour, in Ghanaian jails.


Columnist: Kofi of Africa