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Assaulted PDS staff receives donation from landowners

A staff of Power Distribution Service (PDS) in the Bortianor District, who was inflicted with cutlass wounds by a resident of Kokrobite while in the line of duty, has received a donation of ¢3,000.

Gershon Asiedu, 39, received the money from the Nii Arde Nkpa family, landowners of Tuba, Langmaa and Bortianor to be used to support his upkeep.

He was among a PDS team working to restore power to Kokrobite township, when he was inflicted with cutlass wounds by a resident on March 16.

This compelled the team to flee the area for their lives.

He was sent to the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital to undergo surgery and receive additional treatment.

Power was restored to the area last Wednesday following the signing of a bond of good behaviour by the traditional council of the area on behalf of the residents.

Daniel Nii Arde Tagoe, who led the Nii Arde Nkpa family to make the donation, Thursday, rendered an unqualified apology to PDS and its staff, Gershon Asiedu for the unfortunate incident.

"We totally condemn that nasty incident, which shouldn't have happened in the first place. Why should people take the law into their own hands and behave cruelly towards a government official who was in the line of duty rendering services to the nation?

“Such an act must not be entertained at all in our society. We frown upon such behaviour and so we are here to render an unqualified apology to PDS and Mr. Gershon Asiedu,” Nii Ade Tagoe said.

He also thanked the power distribution company for listening to their appeals by restoring power to the entire Kokrobite township.

That notwithstanding, Nii Tagoe assured PDS that such behaviour never again will that incident happen on their land.

He further pledged their support to work hand-in-hand with the Police to find the culprit who inflicted cutlass wounds on Gershon Asiedu.

The Ocean View Residents Association of Kokrobite led by Simon Appadu, also made a cash donation of ¢1,000.00 Gershon Asiedu to support his upkeep.

The Bortianor PDS District Manager, Michael Abbey, commenting on the issue narrated how his men had stormed Kokrobite in an attempt to restore power to residents after detecting a fault on some of their lines when the unfortunate incident happened to them.

He then appealed to the landowners to lead in the fight against illegal power connections in the area.

Source: Myjoyonline.com
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