Opinions Wed, 26 Jul 2017

Edwinology's Lab: Sub-standard NSS

It will be short today.

The President is right when he notes that job creation is his government's most nightmarish challenge. But he is only as right as a wedding ring says a woman is married but cannot say if the woman is happy.

The truth is always large than the facts. And the truth is, jobs are not his greatest challenge. His greatest challenge is hope - the asset in 2016 is an albatross in 2017.

Akufo-Addo's hope project was not merely bought into by Ghanaians. It was over-subscribed. Deep down in the Ghanaian, we really want things to be different. We want change even if we won't change.

Party supporters are happy to repeat the size of the electoral gap between the President and Mahama. It can be fun. But it appears lost on them that this gap is also the size of how we want things to be different. The 2016 gap is blasphemously put, a hope gap.

If appointees are not besieged with this mentality, they will act ordinary in extraordinary times.

They will act as ordinary as sitting on the radio to defend the government at an extraordinary time of useless queues at the NSS registration centres.

Columnist: Edwin Appiah