RE: Mischievous shadow behind Ayawaso-Wuogon constituency brouhaha uncovered

Mon, 17 Dec 2018 Source: Fadi Dabbousi

It is now very apparent that the journalism industry in Ghana is being mafiaed by unethical hoodlums who cannot hide their identities even though their cowardice is obvious, masquerading behind the shrouds of non-existent pressure groups and a sham Secretariat of a “1956 United Party Tradition Committee”.

To this end, let me dare the cowards to unmask themselves. Let them be brave to provide any form of substantial proof to support their trash.

The particular piece that has made the rounds on social media cannot be, but a malicious write up of confused hypocrites. First of all, if they claim that the Ayawaso-Wuogon issues are the ploys of the Chief of Staff, Madam, Akosua Frema Osei Opare, then their assertion that she is a “clueless” appointee makes mockery of their shambolic judgment.

How can one person alleged to be causing so much stir in a constituency be defined as “clueless”? It just does not make sense!

Besides, the referenced write-up, acerbic as it is, carries the connotations of an NDC agenda. How come all the persons who were falsely accused of wanting the position including the grieving widows of the late Honourable Emmanuel Agyarko were mentioned in the said piece except the NDC aspirants, John Dumelo, Brempong, and John Kusimi? This simply tells you that the whole idea of flying names about was a machination of the NDC to set the stage for a killer attack that has backfired big time!

We know that there are some NPP high profile people who are dying to invade her seat. We know who they are, yet I as an individual, will prefer to settle our issues in-house, unlike the tramps of other parties who find a source of eroticism in the nakedness of the innocent.

I state, and let that be on record, that Madam Chief of Staff, Akosua Frema Osei Opare, will not stoop low especially at her golden age. But the question to be asked is really about the nature of the politics that is being practiced in this country. My beef with politicians and writers is in the cowardice that they exhibit, hiding behind pseudonyms and ugly masks to skunk the nation.

Why hide your identities? I will not hide mine, and so wouldn’t the honourable in our society. Ah well, but let me tell the NDC that they will never get that seat. In fact, in the impending elections, they will lose portoor!

After all, Agambire came out to expose his definitive idiocy barely 24 hours after the demise of the Hon Agyarko, which clearly spelt out the confusion of such ugly personalities of sore asininity.

The NDC think that they can throw contemptuous scorn amongst NPP frats with the hope that they will bash their own heads. Majority of NPP folks are endowed with acuity of reason, enough to see through the shenanigans of a leaking umbrella that cannot stand the tempest of the elephant’s trumpet!

Oh, and the Honourable Chief of Staff’s daughter, Martha, is definitely not interested in the Ayawaso-Wuogon seat. Neither are Protozoa (Frank Asiedu Beqoe) or the late MP’s wives.

For those whose lack of empathy towards their brethren has exposed their animalism, I urge them to repent to, at least, cover the starkness of their bare bottoms, scarred from the many self-destructive effusions that have shrouded their faculties with the stink that clings along!


Columnist: Fadi Dabbousi
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